Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bunny Boy

After waking up to rather wet Holy Saturday, I am wading through Facebook news feed reports of canceled Easter Egg hunts and disappointed children. Boo.

Thankfully, we got ours in yesterday.

Nashville Primary School invited all the snap-happy moms and dads to the playground yesterday to watch as their sweet little bunny babies scoop up their 10-egg limit.

Nathan's eyes lit up as he watched me make my way to his class. He poked the girl next to him to make sure she was aware of my presence and the growing presence within me. Nana was able to come to town and watch Owen for an hour so all of my attention could be focused on my big kid and steadily pushing the shutter each time he came into view. You can tell he just doesn't like having his picture taken. Check him out:

After Mrs. Dodd gave the official go, he rushed into the crowd, examining each egg and grabbing only the ones he saw fit to grace his basket. Once everyone had their fair share, I lined up with the pint-sized group and walked to the classroom.

While Nathan focused on his bright purple cupcake, I took it all in. This is much easier to do when I'm not preventing Owen from dismantling the kindergarten book shelf and escaping down the hall. I saw Nathan's writings on the wall. Most of the words were spelled right and there was a perfect period at the end of each sentence.

This was my second classroom visit for the week. Thursday I spoke with Mrs. Dodd during parent-teacher conferences and I was the one who lit up while seated in the tiny primary school chair. She told me he was a great reader. She told me he was awesome at spelling. She told me he genuinely cared about others. She told me he was a joy to have in her class.

Cue the mama beam, am I right?

Nathan has really enjoyed his first year of school. Whether he's taking a spelling test or hunting for eggs, I'm very thankful for Mrs. Dodd and Nashville Primary School. He has enjoyed them just as much as they have enjoyed him.

He's already worried about being out for an entire summer. :)

Y'all have a happy weekend and enjoy your indoor Easter activities. Today we will dye eggs, make our first batch of Easter Story Cookies, and wake up to a day full of remembering that He is the way, the truth, and the life.

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