Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jonquil Joy

This past Saturday (and maybe also Sunday) the Bauer boys and I loaded up the stroller, extra cash, and big appetites to take on the Jonquil Festival at Historic Washington State Park.

After securing an impressive parking lot for the large crowd that had gathered on a warm, sunny afternoon, we jumped into the madness.

Our first stop, per usual, was the food trucks parked along a gravel path. Everything from fried Twinkies to Cajun-style gator on a stick to cucumber-topped gyros called to us. We divided and conquered and stopped at a shady spot under a big tree.

The boys laughed in the cool breeze, sharing sips of lemonade and bites of funnel cake. They also did a little posing (see below).

Once our faces were wiped clean and our tummies were full, we needed to move. Making our way through the rows of crafts was just what the doctor ordered. We passed by the usual canine sunglasses, caricatures, and "designer" bags and went straight for the wooden trains my boys were eyeing.

We even made a stop at a bow/tutu vendor. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to decide on a tiny brown headband with a small pink flower. I'm going to need more practice with this girl thing. (Side Note: It didn't take nearly as long to decide on pillowcase dresses - so cute!)

Once the stroller was loaded down with trains, a basketball hoop, water-filled balloon yoyos, and a couple of goodies for Nora, it was time to step away.

We left the crowds of the festival and headed into the heart of Old Washington. Strolling down streets that have been there for more than a century, we passed the print shop, the blacksmith, the old school house and more. Rows of jonquils lined every path and random fields were a bright yellow surprise with each turn. The world's oldest magnolia tree stood tall and mighty and welcomed us into its arms, beneath giant branches that could tell so much.

And at some point during my marveling at this quaint historic town on a gorgeous spring day, Owen lost his balance and rolled down a jonquil-filled hillside, crushing everything in his path and causing passers-by to giggle.

Oh, Owen.

Anyway, it's an awesome little town, y'all, and if you live near me and don't know it personally, that needs to change. Deal?

Now that I've described our festival fun (in more detail than you'd like), how's about I let some of my photos do the talking? And if you'd like to see more, there's a Facebook album for that.

Here are a few more things we did at the Jonquil Festival, photo-style:

Hit the tattoo parlor for a sweet skeleton lizard:

Sat on an old porch and smiled for the camera:

Rolled down a hill, crushing all the jonquils:

Drank lemonade and lots of it:

Ate a ridiculous amount of fried things:

Made pretty pictures, even sans Bauer boys:

And some extra cute ones with them:

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