Sunday, March 10, 2013

Owen's Top 5 at 2

I know the topic of the week has been bright and smiling Owen Charles Bauer, but hey, can you blame me? It's his second birthday today and also, he's awesome. A win-win all around, really.

In my post earlier this week, I wrote a letter to my baby boy - you know, the one who is quickly slipping into childhood. Though it's sad to admit that my baby is growing up, it's time to move on from the sappy and focus on the fantastic little person who lives down the hall.

Therefore, in honor of that awesome night two years ago (you know, the one where I delivered a gigantic baby), I'm offering a sneak peek into everything Owen. In a top five format, no less.

Top Five Songs

(Yes, there's a commercial next to a rap song. You can't fault him for eclectic tastes.)
  1. "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show
  2. "Cruise" by Florida-Georgia Line
  3. "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore (Don't Google the lyrics. Edited version only, I swear.)
  4. "Stompeez Theme" by the Makers of Stompeez
  5. "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae

Top Five Activities
(I wanted to make a five-point list of only number one, but I figured that wasn't fair.)
  1. "Yellow!" (drawing)
  2. "Play outside? Slide? Wing? ROCKS?"
  3. "Baby's turn!" (not sharing)
  4. "Play toys!"
  5. "WOODY BUZZ!" (watching Toy Story)

Top Five Foods
(This was a hard one. The kid loves to eat.)
  1. "Nuggets, fies, bapples, milk, toy." (McDonald's order)
  2. "Joots? Watoo? Milk?"
  3. "Dooties, peas? (Translation: Cookies, please?)
  4. "Booties, peas?" (Translation: Fruit Loops, please?)
  5. "BEANS!"

Top Five Sayings
(This is not an overuse of exclamation points. It's seriously the way he talks.)
  1. "Hi Mom-Mom! Hi Daddy! Hi Nate!"
  2. "Bwess you, Mom-Mom!"
  3. "Mumpmeeps gone?!" (he's still missing the pumpkin patch)
  4. "Rainy day? Sunny day? RAINY DAAAAAAY!!"
  5. "Wawee, are you??" (always losing that blanket of his)

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!

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