Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sheriff Owen Turns Two

I'm not sure if you've heard, but my baby hit a big milestone this weekend. He graduated to age two, complete with cowboy hat and stick horse.

Owen's Sheriff Woody party was a hit! We hosted a few of his little friends and all of our local family here at the house, where we decked the halls in cow print. We also added lots of yellow and hints of blue to mimic our favorite cowpoke's signature look.

It was a pretty easy theme, picked by Owen himself. I wish I were exaggerating when I say we watch at least part of Toy Story every single day. I really, really wish. However, this obsession runs deep. I knew he would love it and his asking "Woody party?" every day for the past two weeks is perfect proof.

Although there were no movie showings at the party, there was food and lots of it. Let's start with my favorite part. This is the first cake I've had done by a woman here in town and it was amazing. It was decorated even cuter than the picture I sent her and the taste was phenomenal. If you live in my area and want some contact info, I'd be happy to share.

As for the rest of the party fare, I will once again give credit for the creative ideas to random moms on Pinterest. Thank you, strangers, for posting your awesome ideas and letting me draw inspiration (read: copy off of you). I did do my own handiwork in printing up fun labels. If you read yesterday's post, though, you'll know that time may have been better spent. However, Owen's party guests had a blast munching on Rootin' Tootin' Fruit, Schmo Pops (click here and you'll get it), and Owen's favorite Cheetos. They washed it down with store-bought, Jessica-named Lasso Lemonade and Moo Juice.

Although it may look like work, it wasn't. I basically arranged produce, supervised as grandmas dipped marshmallows in chocolate, and shoved preformed cookie dough into the oven. It looks awesome, it was super easy, and you better believe it was birthday boy approved.

After we pinned the tail on Bulls-Eye and attempted to throw snakes into boots, it was present time. And Owen didn't know where to start. He spent more time pleading to "Open! Open!" than wading through the brightly colored gifts. Once he was done (with a little help from Nathan), he ended with a slew of Toy Story goodies, cute wardrobe additions, tractors, and trains.

I love making creative snacks and decorating parties in a way that makes my kids gasp in excitement, but the most important thing is that Owen had fun, that Owen felt special, and that Owen felt loved. I love this boy more than I can put into words and I'm so blessed to be able to watch him grow up to be a sweet (and often ornery) little guy.

I like to make a big deal out of these moments because they are a big deal.

And, y'all, they go by fast.

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