Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When Mom's Not Looking

Okay, maybe failing miserably is a stretch, but you guys might want to rethink the whole "she makes it look easy" thing...

It was the day before Owen's party. There I sat, glued to my computer screen, surrounded by brown felt, card stock, and my trusty scissors. There's a tall Coke at my fingertips and a content baby in front of PBS Kids.

Spoiler: Or so I thought.

As I begin to move Woody JPEGs onto cow-print food labels, I hear a door close. I don't think anything of it as that's one of Owen's favorite games. This usually only happens in big brother's room, though, so I decide to give it a few more clicks of the mouse before I hop to.

I continued moving the images around my screen until they were perfect. I love these easy-to-make finishing touches. I hit print and wait until the black-and-white pattern shoots into the tray. I admire my work and pick up my scissors.

Another door shuts. I can't hear it over the baby monitor so it must be Nathan's room. I say a silent prayer that the kid hasn't covered himself in marker as I took a little longer to check on him than I should have.

To prolong the agony of what I assume will be wipe after wipe of bright green dye that matches the color of Owen's hands and arms, I carefully cut out the long rectangles and fold them. I set them all on the bed and they look fantastic.

Two thumbs up, mama.

I bring myself to check on him when I hear the third door. I know he's okay, as his hands still work, but when I round the corner from the bedroom, I'm surprised to see him standing by the front door.


Hoping he was just in the hall closet, I quickly ask him what he's been doing.

He plunks several rocks down onto a pile already forming on the white piano keys, gives me a sly smile, and exclaims:


While I was busy creating for Owen's birthday party, Owen himself was wandering around on the front porch by himself, happily collecting rocks. He even had the dusty backside to prove it. I can't even begin to describe the size of the lump in my throat when I reached that realization.

Thank God Owen is smart enough not to go gallivanting across the yard, but you and I both know this could have taken a different, much worse turn.

My friend Abby recently posted the contents of this fabulous blog post and it really resonated with me. (Go on, give it a read.) Too bad it didn't resonate enough. I do know things like this happen to all moms at some point and we end up laughing about it (maybe).

Lesson learned, I hugged him as hard as I could, and helped him carry his rocks into the living room. We counted them one by one. We stacked them into piles. We each picked our favorites. Not exactly rocket science, but at least we were together.

Work, party planning, blogging - it all can wait. It can wait until my kids are asleep or at school. When they are present and in need of my attention, I need to do better. I need to give it to them.

Step away from your computer, mama. Put down your phone and have a happy Tuesday. I know I will.

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