Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh, Deer

This is not the rude, directionally challenged animal that I plowed into Monday morning. She was much more vicious. And did I mention rude? Image found here.

Okay, so you remember that post I made a few weeks ago? About that brand new vehicle that I was so proud of?

Well... bad news.

As I was heading to work yesterday morning, right on time with a Cheerio-munching sidekick, I had a bit of an experience. Not a half mile from my driveway, there was a BOOM. A big, deer-sized boom.

I didn't see it until its body was crunched into my shiny new grill, and I didn't stop yelling until my car came to a stop and the dumb animal fell off my bumper. I pulled to the side of the road, took a deep breath, and looked behind me.

"Deer! Deer! Right there! A deer!"

Oh, gee thanks, Owen. Now you tell me!

My first accident was between me and an animal in a car I owned for 13 days. Thank goodness for State Farm being a good neighbor and all. The dent in our bank account is not nearly as big as the dent in my car:

And State Farm wasn't the only neighbor looking out for me. I can't help but bring up the fact that I am so thankful to have been raised in, and be raising my children in, a small town where chivalry still counts.

The guy driving behind me, a perfect stranger, saw the deer lose her race. He jumped out of his truck and immediately checked to make sure we were okay. He proceeded to pick up the pieces of my broken car as I sobbed equal tears of embarrassment and anger, and then dragged the dead animal out of the road.

I listened as he called a boss/co-worker to let him know he would be late.

Once Jonathan got there, I calmed down as we waited on the wrecker. During that time, five passersby pulled over to make sure we were okay. This included both the mayor of our fair city and a local paramedic.

I can't help but imagine this scenario in places where people would be more concerned about this making them late for work or ruining their breakfast with the sight of deer blood.

I may not always rely on the kindness of strangers, but I sure am thankful it exists. Good Samaritans are easy to find around these parts.

I won't get into the "what ifs" of this situation, but there is not a scratch nor bruise on anyone. I honestly didn't feel anything. Owen, Nora, and I are all perfectly fine and we thank our most important neighbor for that.

It wasn't a giant, life-before-my-eyes accident, but I know my passenger seat wasn't empty. I saw Him when I realized my children and I were unharmed and I saw Him in every person who stopped to help.

Hope your Monday was better than mine! :) Have a great Tuesday, y'all.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Planting Day

More hands make lighter work? Not when your extra hands are attached to a two-year-old.

Only a small joke, ya'll. The opposite was true, to be honest. Pictured above, Big Boy Owen properly planted seeds as we prepared our 2013 garden to fill our counter tops with produce this summer. He seeded an entire row of corn and was thrilled to plunk a kernel into each hole and carefully spread the earth over it.

That is, once we explained to him not to eat the seeds.

He learned fast, though, and shouts of "I pant torns!" filled the backyard. Big brother Nathan supervised, proud that his little brother shares his green thumb and excitement for the garden.

Nathan is getting so good at these chores that I talked to him about plant spacing and then let him loose with seed packets. He pretty much planted all the cucumbers and green beans (and half of the corn) by himself.

That's not to say he was serious the entire time, though:

Okay, now that the cute boys are out of the way, let's look at some piles of dirt and green, shall we?

Let me break it down for you (and also for me when I've completely forgotten what went where next spring). On the top row, we have the two 4x8 beds that are closest to the house. On the left is a bed full of peppers. For the first time, we are going for the heat. We have two jalapenos, two milder jalapeno types, and four bell pepper plants - perfect for crunching right out of the harvest basket. There is also a row of cucumbers planted at the back. We will add the trellis once the babies pop out of the dirt.

In the top right, there's a bed that we didn't really touch this week - the strawberries. These All-Star types were planted in March 2012 and have overwintered nicely. Each plant is getting new, bright green leaves and many white flowers have turned into tiny green berries. Our first harvest will hopefully come from here. That is, if Nathan doesn't eat them in the garden. This is the only bed he will eat from, so I let him get first pick (as long as he shares).

On the bottom left is a bed dedicated solely to my favorite garden treat. I only planted six tomato plants in this 4x12 space to allow more room to grow and less work for me. It seems this pregnancy will result in a third baby right in the peak of season. All new varieties this year, though. We have three Super Fantastic plants, two Parks' Whopper Improved, and one Sweet 100 (our first cherry type). There's also a bush type called Celebrity potted up nearby. We have yet to figure out an awesome way to support these bad boys, as we've abandoned the cheap spirals that are always torn from the earth by our growing plants. Please share any and all ideas!

Finally, on the bottom right is the very back bed. It looks empty now, but in about a week several seedlings will show their faces to the sun. This bed is made up of three rows of Bi-Licious sweet corn (our first attempt) and at the right end are Kentucky Blue pole beans, which will eventually climb a trellis. This will be Owen's favorite garden bed. He had a hand or two in planting it and it's two of his favorite veggies!

Once all of our plants and seeds were snuggled deep into the compost-rich soil, they needed one more ingredient. Although Jonathan wasn't ready to turn the two silly boys loose with a water hose, Nathan still found a way to get wet. Don't worry, though, it looks like he enjoyed it:

Owen, on the other hand, steered clear of the water and keep this dirty mug as we moved to the front yard to pot up some flowers, toss some rocks into the creek, and take a few dozen turns on the swing:

Bath time, anyone?

Now that spring has finally made it to southwest Arkansas, it's time to get off the couch and enjoy it. I hope you celebrated the start to this amazing season with dirty hands and dirty faces. Be sure to check back often as the Bauer boys' hard work grows into food. I am so blessed to have two little guys who are now old enough to really understand how the whole veggie garden process works.

I can't wait until Owen crunches into his first homegrown bean or enjoys a piece of "torn" that started with a seed he pushed into the ground. Pretty cool stuff, right?

Have an awesome weekend, y'all!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Week 29

Week: Twenty-nine
Size: Butternut Squash (the be-all, end-all of veggie comparisons)
Feeling: Much, much better. My respiratory/sinus issues are finally gone.
Symptoms: Nothing new. The third trimester is pretty good to me.
Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah.
Sleep: I have no problem sleeping, I just need later mornings. :)
Gender: Still my baby girl. We're going to make extra sure next week.
Movement: Constant.
What I Miss: Thankful I don't have to say sugar (see two answers down).
What I Want: A nap.
Best Moment this Week: My best moment this week was actually prompted by my worst. After getting the call that I failed my one-hour glucose test (while eating ice cream, no less), I settled in on Thursday morning for three hours of glucose fun. Thankfully, two hours after I finished, the nurse called to let me know that all is normal. No gestational diabetes here. Whew!

To celebrate, here's a belly pic:

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

We celebrated the weekend before Earth Day in true Bauer fashion: with our hands in the rich soil and the smell of tomato plants in the air.

Jonathan spent the weekend riding the (very much borrowed) tractor, tidying up the yard, and tilling what turned out to be gorgeous dirt in our four garden beds. That was just a few days after he took his oldest buddy and loaded up the new car with tomatoes, peppers, and marigolds. Have I mentioned how much I love my husband lately? Well, I do. And it's a lot. We spent Sunday afternoon tucking the boys' purchases into the earth.

We did plant smaller crops this year, but we have a big reason to cut back. She's due mid-July.

This is just the start to the fourth Bauer Family Garden, though. We are going to buy seed and fill up the rest of the open space. I'll be back for a full garden report (for those who enjoy that sort of thing), but I couldn't just leave these pictures on my camera.

These two were great helpers mounding the dirt around the new plants, even if Owen did plant his tomato still in the container. I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot more help than I did last year. And the number of hands is only growing.

Today is going to be a gorgeous spring day. Why don't you get outside, hug a tree, plant a flower, watch your kids play outside, or just sit in the grass and take it all in. Celebrate Mother Earth - she's pretty good to us, you know. Happy Monday, y'all!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby Boots

Original image found here.

Do you know this happy little monkey? If you don't, you are seriously missing out. Go ahead and click this link to see why Dora the Explorer should be on your radar.

(That song is my jam.)

Next question is probably one posed from you to me. Why in the world am I talking about Boots the Monkey? Well, apparently this is who Owen thinks is living in my belly. I believe some wires got crossed when we decided to name our baby something similar to the name of his favorite explorer.

"No Sisser. No Nora. No Dora. BOOTS!" He explains as he lifts up my shirt and hastily pulls down my jeans panel to plant a few wet ones right on my growing belly. "Love you, Boots. Love you!"

Heck, sometimes he refers to his darling dear sister as Isa (an iguana) or Benny (a bull). Whoever is living in there has definitely performed a number or two with our favorite Spanish-speaking cartoon.

Owen may be confused about whether I'm growing a baby girl or a baby monkey, but he knows very well that something is going on. Anytime he sees me getting dressed in the mornings or he's eye-level with my midsection while I'm changing his diaper, he demands to see the belly. I think he just likes to check on progress and make sure everything is still intact.

He's also checked on the baby-growing progress of his daddy, grandma, and baby-sitter. He may understand a little, but he's still two, y'all.

When it comes to me, though, I'd venture a guess that he doesn't know one small detail. Boots, Dora, Nora, or whoever is growing deep inside of me is going to come out. She's going to come home in Owen's old car seat, nestle down into Owen's old crib, and slobber all over Owen's old toys.

Fingers crossed the kisses still continue. :)

If all else fails, we can teach her the crab dance to soothe her big brother.

Hope your weekend is awesome!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 28

Week: Twenty-eight
Size: Chinese cabbage
Feeling: Pretty miserable if we're being honest.
Symptoms: The combination of a nasty cold and pregnancy is not good.
Maternity Clothes: More regular PJs than maternity pants this week.
Sleep: Need more. I've been up with my little boys coughing all week.
Gender: Still a baby girl - hope my coughs don't bother her.
Movement: She's been going crazy! I can see my belly move already.
What I Miss: Breathing?
What I Want: To feel better. Pregnancy is easier when I'm well. I feel this:

Best Moment this Week: This illness hit Owen first last Thursday and showed up for Nathan and me over the weekend. It's been a long week. However, Jonathan picked up a ridiculous amount of prescriptions the other day and we're starting to show signs of improvement. That being said, there were a few highlights in this gross week:
  1. I loved spending time with my friend Meredith as we showered her soon-to-arrive baby boy with love, food, and lots of presents.
  2. Also there was yesterday, when Nathan felt his sister move for the first time. There aren't any words to describe his reaction other than I wish I had a camera. It was awesome. :)
  3. And, last but not least, today I start my third trimester. The glucose test is coming Tuesday and biweekly appointments aren't far behind. It's about to be crunch time, y'all!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Feeling 22

I don't know about you, but when I was feeling twenty-two, I was as big as a whale. (Okay, maybe just a baby whale - but, seriously, look at me!).

My ankles were lost under puffy, water-retaining skin and my waist was long gone. Sleep was impossible and fear of my first labor and delivery and, you know, motherhood was creeping in.

Two weeks before I left that number in the dust, Jonathan and I stood in our Conway kitchen and we dug into the top tier of our wedding cake that had been frozen for a year.

Two weeks after 22 turned into 23, I sat on the couch at my in-laws' awaiting a tasty burger. I went to use the restroom and realized lunch was not going to happen. My water broke that day and I welcomed Nathan into the world a quick six hours later.

Can anybody guess why I'm remembering the highlights of this age? If you've listened to the radio lately, you'll know it's all Taylor Swift's fault.

Maybe I'm old for my age, but by that point in life, I sure thought being on the road to stable was more the norm than being "happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way."

Trust me, though, I have been there. If sweet little Taylor rewrote this song and called it any number between 19 and 21, I'd be humming along and saying, "Yeah, girl!"

I would remember that one summer with Abby on the balcony of my Conway apartment drinking cheap beer and $2 wine (*ahem* this would be filed under 21). We didn't have jobs, we didn't have class - we were drains on both society and our parents. We're really sorry about that, guys.

But it sure was fun!

However, with Taylor's number of choice being 22, I sort of cock my head to the side and compare myself to the lyrics.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that my choice is better or that 22 is the official growing-up deadline, but it was for me and it was what I wanted. I wanted to try my best to live for something other than myself.

We dove in headfirst and I wouldn't change it for a thing.

Whether your path is to get married, start a family, start a career, or just get out on your own, prove to yourself that you can do it. I won't say it's not scary, because that would be a lie. It's harder than throwing caution to the wind and living like a Taylor Swift song, but, y'all, it is so much better.

And all that fun comes along for the ride.

(Plus, if you get a nice job, you can buy better wine!)

This PSA is brought to you by a hormonal woman who was a little disgruntled at Taylor Swift's idea of 22; however, I doubt she has ever struggled to pay a bill. This PSA is also brought to you by my mind wandering to my children at 22. I may or may not have to read this to them at that point. Especially Taylor's line about dating boys who are bad news. Looking at you, Nora June.

Have a happy day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Room for Five

Soccer moms of the world, look out. I have arrived.

This morning I sat in a small office at Hope Auto and forced my pen to write a check. A check that combined tax refund money from the past two years, savings since late 2011, and the sale of Jonathan's big ol' truck.

"Adults," I kept telling myself. "We're adults. We saved this money for a reason and here we are. It's time to spend it."

And boy, did we spend it.

It's not a new car, but it's new to me, and very much an upgrade from my first mom mobile. It's a 2010 Yukon XL with leather interior and bells and whistles I know nothing about. So far I can get it to drive, set the cruise, and change the radio stations. I have some studying to do.

Yes, we now have more than enough room for our soon-to-be family of five. This is the vehicle that will be waiting for me at the hospital, as I'm wheeled out into the hot July sun with my baby girl in my lap. This will be the car that takes Owen to his first day of kindergarten. The one that carries us on family vacations and trips to Walmart. I am pumped. :)

On that note, holding my pregnant belly while standing next to my new vehicle brought back the same image from February 2007, when I traded my Jeep Wrangler for mom mobile number one. I was preparing for a major life change, and here I am, getting ready to do it again. I think the best part about this purchase, though, is that the car that carried my first two bundles home from the hospital will remain in my driveway for Jonathan. I won't get into details, but it was hard not to cry when I thanked him for choosing to sell his truck and drive my ride instead.

Six years of memories would have been much harder to leave at the dealership than that aforementioned check.

As for my present-day kids, they're stoked.

Owen's first reaction was "Elmo!" when he noticed the DVD screen above his head. He already knows how it works from his Nana's car, but was disappointed to learn that it didn't come stocked with movies. It was a nice, smooth, whiny ride to Nashville.

In the car line, I waved at Nathan until he realized this gigantic black vehicle was waiting for him. He climbed into his booster and the first thing he said was, "Whoa! This isn't like a van or a bus at all. Is this like a limousine??"

So there we have it, folks. The first official purchase the Bauer family has made in preparation for little sister. Not to say we want to her to come any time soon, but whenever she does, we have the means to carry her home.

Have a happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wonderful Woodland Shower

Pop Quiz: Which growing baby is due in one month?

It's okay if you guess wrong, it won't hurt my feelings. I wear my big bump with pride. :) Yes, my gorgeous friend Meredith is the 35-weeker in this picture, a perfect time to celebrate the impending arrival of her first sweet baby, Jacob Timothy.

As I wrote in this post, I was busy crafting last week to prepare for the wonderful woodland-themed party my mom and I hosted for her. I had a blast spending time with the guest of honor and her family and friends. The food turned out great, Meredith was loaded down with everything from homemade blankets to every size diaper you can imagine, and everyone left with a smile on their face and a favor in their hand. I think the biggest smile of all was sported by the glowing mama-to-be:


Now, how's about a few forest-friendly details? My mom's cooking skills, Jonathan's artsy fartsy skills, and my Pinterest-scouring skills combined to make for a pretty epic shindig. Here's the food table, complete with decorations plucked out of my own wood pile (can't get better than free stuff from your backyard):

There was plenty of food for party-goers to munch on (and plenty for me to continue to munch on after said party-goers left). We enjoyed cheese balls that looked like pine cones, cookies that looked like acorns, a cake that looked like a stump, and caprese that looked like mushrooms. I'm telling ya, when we get a theme, we stick with it. Check out some of our handiwork:

And I won't leave out one of the best pieces of the party (and what could have been Meredith's favorite detail!). It's Jonathan's hand-painted wooden sign, complete with a fox that matches Baby Jacob's bedding. I was super impressed by both Jonathan's ability and willingness to pick up a brush and get after it. He also sketched a tree onto a large canvas to serve as the classic thumbprint/guestbook that I have been fond of lately. Love not having to pay for someone else to do this kind of stuff. Yay, art!

I think this shower was a hit, y'all. I am so blessed to have been a part of Meredith's life for such a long time and I was happy to do whatever I could to honor her and her precious baby. He is a miracle in many aspects of the word and he deserved every second of it. Just as much as he is going to deserve every second of smooches and squeezes whenever I get my hands on him for the first time. :)

Good luck on the last month of your pregnancy, Meredith! I know you are going to do an outstanding job and be one of the very best mamas I know. I love watching my friends turn into mothers and I'm extra pumped for this particular transformation.

Have a marvelous Monday, y'all!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Crib

Friday afternoon I walked into Owen's nursery, decked out in a forest theme with tall painted trees, calm brown walls and his name hanging above the crib.

In my hands I held a crib sheet featuring the same woodland creatures I've seen for more than two years - little porcupines and angelic deer surrounded by dark red mushrooms. I pulled the mattress out of the crib and stretched the four corners into their comfortable places.

After stuffing my baby's bed back together, I stood there and looked for a minute. This is all going to be a memory soon.

(As if I had to tell you. You're pretty smart.)

I peeked into the crib and saw a sweet little baby, lying flat on his back and swaddled tight. At five months old we finally moved Owen from our room into his own. It was a very hard decision for me. Apparently I have a bit of an attachment problem with this kid.

I looked at the blue glider in the corner and saw myself, frustrated to the point of tears with a colicky, screaming baby in my arms. I didn't know what to do other than love him (And share this chore. Often.) Eventually, it worked.

In the closet, my mind saw the adorable baby boy clothes that no longer fit anyone in my family. They're now boxed up, ready for the attic.

I walked over to the corner where the Daddy-painted trees converged and I saw a pile of his favorite toys. And I saw him.

My two-year-old son is outgrowing his nursery. If you read my last pregnancy update you'll know this adorable woodland room will soon be transformed into a classic pink-and-blue girl's nursery. Owen will join forces with his older brother down the hall and tuck into a toddler bed. The big boys' room and the baby girl's room.

This is hard, y'all. I don't know if it's because of the smaller age gap, but I am not ready to give up my baby boy. I'm not ready for pull-ups and toddler beds and big boy stuff. And it's not because any of that is hard (I'm well aware it will be), it's because it's the end of an era for me.

Standing in Owen's room, the big, white crib looked back at me, full of memories of the complete babyhood of both of my boys. This thing knows every one of my anxious new mom worries, every late night cry, every early morning snuggle, every mama lesson learned.

I love Baby Nora with all my heart and I am so ready to get her into my arms and into the crib that will soon be hers, but I'm stuck between longing for my daughter and keeping my baby son.

Do you think she would mind sharing her crib?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Draw Something

{Be sure and click to enlarge. And no, I don't know what the girl on the left speaking gibberish is saying. I'll ask.}

Today I'm at my mom's house, partying it up in honor of one of my favorite mamas-to-be and her sweet little bundle Jacob at her forest-themed shower.

I may be busy, but lucky for you, my kid pumps out blog content like it's nobody's business. Please, while you patiently await the full report from my second hostessing gig of the year, enjoy this drawing Nathan handed me the other day. He says he's the one on the ladder, surrounded by pretty ladies having a blast at his "klup hows" - what a stud.

But, wait! There's more!

After handing me this pretty fantastic drawing, he brought me the following piece of paper:

It's okay, you can be impressed by these five-year-old sentences. I know I am. I love that Nathan tries so hard to do his best in school that it spills over into his play time. He's practicing writing. For fun. He may look just like a Bauer, but I can see how we're related.

Now, you. Go draw something. Or at least write something. Exercise that brain and have a happy Saturday!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 27

Week: Twenty-seven
Size: Cauliflower
Feeling: Great!
Symptoms: The bathroom trips are increasing. By a lot.
Maternity Clothes: Yes! Regular shirts are officially too short by themselves.
Sleep: With my crafting out of the way, today is ripe for a nap.
Gender: Sweet baby girl. (Starting to get used to this pink thing, too!)
Movement: Her rolls and tumbles are getting strong. She's a wild one.
What I Miss: Nothing. Life is pretty swell today.
What I Want: Owen to feel better. He's coughing and feverish, but snuggly.
Best Moment this Week: The start of nursery planning! (I figured closing in on the third trimester was a good time to start.) This week I visited a woman from our church to get the ball rolling on Nora's quilt. I didn't fall in love with a bedding set, so we're going from scratch. Pale aqua walls, pink crib sheet, white crib skirt, and a very colorful patchwork quilt. I can't wait to start sharing updates. Here's the picture I found online that she's drawing inspiration from:

Photo comes from this awesome nursery. Love it!!

Also, here's a photo of the yarn my MIL and I picked out for Nora's afghan! (She's going to add a solid soft pink thread to it, as well.) Plus the pattern she's going to use. This nursery has some pretty precious potential, my friends. I'm loving the homemade aspects already.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Today I am at home. There's a Motrin-filled baby boy with a 101.8 degree fever asleep in his crib and I'm sitting in the kitchen, missing work and wondering what to do.

To the crafts!

I'm hosting (hostess-ing?) another baby shower this Saturday for one of my oldest friends, Meredith! I'm pretty sure we met on the T-ball field and that escalated to four-wheeler rides every sunny weekend and eventually rooming together in college. Good times and wonderful memories!

She's due to have her first baby, Jacob Timothy, next month and I figured showering her with all sorts of fun/presents/food would be appropriate. She's doing his room in a woodland animal theme and we decided to go the same route for the shower. Today I'm surrounded by wood-grain construction paper, burlap triangles, and various shades of brown, orange, and green. There are plastic foxes and painted pine trees. There's a collection of pine cones and stumps ready to be made into magic. Oh yeah, it's going to get good. :)

Although I leave the food up to my mom when it comes to throwing showers, homemade decorations are my specialty. (Side Note: I make the decorations. I do not come up with any original ideas most of the time. I'm actually not very crafty at all, but I follow direction well. Thanks, Pinterest!)

Anyway, that's what I'm up to do today - printing squirrels and making bunting. Tackling the garden was on the agenda for today, but I think the torrential downpours yesterday washed away any chance at that. Maybe I can get digging after the shower. Heck, I even mapped out the entire garden, complete with vegetable varieties last night. (I know, I know, I'm getting you too excited. Go ahead and calm down. There, that's better.)

Nope, today I'm staying inside, getting ready for a great weekend and cuddling a little guy who just doesn't feel well.

What are you up to today?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Season Starting

It started yesterday.

I found myself Googling Zone 8 planting calendars, sorting through cucumber varieties, and reading threads on the vegetable gardening forum I stalk this time of year. I'm thinking about where my tomatoes will go. I'm considering the addition of corn and chickens. I'm craving the smell of warm dirt and saying things like "harvest" and "peat moss" - yes, it started.

My heart sank a little when I got home, though. After looking at pictures of nutrient rich soil and trellises heavy with crunchy beans, I saw it. My four-bed garden plot completely overrun with last year's dead lettuce and hundreds of weeds waving in the wind.

There's going to be a little prep work this year, y'all.

With the temperature actually right, it was a spectacular evening to be outside. I forced myself over to the garden and pushed the weeds aside, looking for one little sign of hope. Something to motivate me to break out the gloves and find that precious soil.

Lo and behold, I found it.

Last year, as you may recall, I added strawberries to my gardening repertoire. I liked the idea that these could be perennials and would return each year to sprout white flowers and overload my taste buds. However, I neglected to care for them when half a foot of snow came down at Christmas.

I figured they were gone and didn't give them a second look until today. When I saw a white flower peeking out from under the leggy weeds.

I grabbed my gloves and uncovered what I found to be 15 strawberry plants, some small, some big, but all alive. And the majority of which were boasting white flowers that will (fingers crossed) become happy little berries.


Now, y'all, I'm ready. I'm ready to tear into the weeds in the other three beds, load up some compost, and fire up the cobweb-covered tiller. It's T-minus 13 days until Earth Day and that means planting time is drawing near. If you're not ready, you better get ready because you will be seeing a lot of dirt flying around here soon.

Don't be too concerned about boring gardening content, though, as I'm sure there are four little hands that will be happy to help. You know I wouldn't leave my camera out of that fun.

Is your thumb turning green yet?

Happy Tuesday, everyone. :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 26

Week: Twenty-six (and a day)
Size: English Hothouse Cucumber (seriously.)
Feeling: I'm tired, I'm sore, but I keep on trucking.
Symptoms: Nothing new, just the usual post-20-week down slide.
Maternity Clothes: I'm ready for warm temps and comfy skirts/dresses.
Sleep: Once I get in the right position, it's still pretty darn good.
Gender: Still my baby girl.
Movement: Crazy! She's most active when I wake up and right before bed.
What I Miss: Working out. So. Much. Weight.
What I Want: For the chocolate cake I just pinned to magically be cooling in my kitchen. (I understand this contradicts the previous answer.)
Best Moment this Week: Celebrating Easter with my family, of course! I'll even admit I get giddy thinking about the sweet little dresses and hair bows this holiday will involve next year. :)