Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby Boots

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Do you know this happy little monkey? If you don't, you are seriously missing out. Go ahead and click this link to see why Dora the Explorer should be on your radar.

(That song is my jam.)

Next question is probably one posed from you to me. Why in the world am I talking about Boots the Monkey? Well, apparently this is who Owen thinks is living in my belly. I believe some wires got crossed when we decided to name our baby something similar to the name of his favorite explorer.

"No Sisser. No Nora. No Dora. BOOTS!" He explains as he lifts up my shirt and hastily pulls down my jeans panel to plant a few wet ones right on my growing belly. "Love you, Boots. Love you!"

Heck, sometimes he refers to his darling dear sister as Isa (an iguana) or Benny (a bull). Whoever is living in there has definitely performed a number or two with our favorite Spanish-speaking cartoon.

Owen may be confused about whether I'm growing a baby girl or a baby monkey, but he knows very well that something is going on. Anytime he sees me getting dressed in the mornings or he's eye-level with my midsection while I'm changing his diaper, he demands to see the belly. I think he just likes to check on progress and make sure everything is still intact.

He's also checked on the baby-growing progress of his daddy, grandma, and baby-sitter. He may understand a little, but he's still two, y'all.

When it comes to me, though, I'd venture a guess that he doesn't know one small detail. Boots, Dora, Nora, or whoever is growing deep inside of me is going to come out. She's going to come home in Owen's old car seat, nestle down into Owen's old crib, and slobber all over Owen's old toys.

Fingers crossed the kisses still continue. :)

If all else fails, we can teach her the crab dance to soothe her big brother.

Hope your weekend is awesome!

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