Thursday, April 11, 2013


Today I am at home. There's a Motrin-filled baby boy with a 101.8 degree fever asleep in his crib and I'm sitting in the kitchen, missing work and wondering what to do.

To the crafts!

I'm hosting (hostess-ing?) another baby shower this Saturday for one of my oldest friends, Meredith! I'm pretty sure we met on the T-ball field and that escalated to four-wheeler rides every sunny weekend and eventually rooming together in college. Good times and wonderful memories!

She's due to have her first baby, Jacob Timothy, next month and I figured showering her with all sorts of fun/presents/food would be appropriate. She's doing his room in a woodland animal theme and we decided to go the same route for the shower. Today I'm surrounded by wood-grain construction paper, burlap triangles, and various shades of brown, orange, and green. There are plastic foxes and painted pine trees. There's a collection of pine cones and stumps ready to be made into magic. Oh yeah, it's going to get good. :)

Although I leave the food up to my mom when it comes to throwing showers, homemade decorations are my specialty. (Side Note: I make the decorations. I do not come up with any original ideas most of the time. I'm actually not very crafty at all, but I follow direction well. Thanks, Pinterest!)

Anyway, that's what I'm up to do today - printing squirrels and making bunting. Tackling the garden was on the agenda for today, but I think the torrential downpours yesterday washed away any chance at that. Maybe I can get digging after the shower. Heck, I even mapped out the entire garden, complete with vegetable varieties last night. (I know, I know, I'm getting you too excited. Go ahead and calm down. There, that's better.)

Nope, today I'm staying inside, getting ready for a great weekend and cuddling a little guy who just doesn't feel well.

What are you up to today?

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