Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

"This is the day the LORD has made.
Let us rejoice and be glad!"

And also, eat chocolate bunnies.

The Bauer family had a great Easter and we hope you did, too. Allow me to share our weekend with you (and show you how cute the brothers looked in their matching polos). Deal? Okay, here we go.

Surrounded by grandparents at our trusty kitchen table, Nathan and Owen peered into small cups. Each boasting bright colors, ready for eggs. The smaller one started by shouting his color choices at his Grammy and we held our breath as he plunked an egg in each.

Nathan followed suit, lining his bent piece of wire just right after scribbling cryptic messages with the egg crayon. One memorable moment was when he drew his sister's heart beat as he's seen a few times on an ultrasound screen.

Owen modeled after his brother, lifting the eggs every so often to watch and as color deepened.

Granted, there may have been a splash or two from the little one, but he did pretty well for a two-year-old. He did not, however, like that it resulted in little blue fingers.

Before bed, we gave a quick bible lesson while experimenting with our first-ever batch of Easter Story Cookies. Check back tomorrow for the full story and unexpected results.

Easter morning brought sleepy boys who were happy to climb into their previously planned outfits and load up for church.

Take in the matchy-match:

Jonathan put it best when he likened their behavior to that of an Easter miracle. Though Nathan is a fantastic little guy in church, even beginning to grasp what is being said, Owen is still squirmy. And talkative. And loud.

He was quiet, y'all.

(It may have had something to do with a bowl of Cheerios. Don't tell anyone.)

After church we allowed the duo to dive headfirst into their (ahem, four?) Easter baskets from various family members and the Easter Bunny himself. Easter is a hard time to have a peanut allergy, but Owen's eyes lit up when he came across a chocolate bunny he could actually eat. He even enjoyed a Peep or five. :)

Nathan chomped on an unknown amount of jellybeans while making creations with his brand-new Play Dough. Thankfully he has a keen eye as he began to fashion his own pretend jellybeans and not once did he confuse the two.

Our afternoon consisted of visiting with family, stuffing our faces with a fantastic lunch, and watching the boys attempt an indoor egg hunt. Owen was quick to find them, but progress slowed when he had to open each one he found to check out the treats. This method served him well, though. Nathan racked up a bigger total, but Owen found the one with three dollars tucked inside. Score!

So that was Easter. It ended with two boys who fell asleep on the ride back to Nashville and went to bed with the sun. I hope you were able to spend the day with your own family, celebrating one another and rejoicing that your Savior lives.

Happy Monday, y'all. (PS: Be careful out there. You never know when a prank is coming your way. I'm a little terrified to pick Nathan up from school today.)

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