Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Little Ears

Before Easter festivities this weekend, the boys and I sat around the kitchen table to enjoy a seafood feast and listen to Nathan describe his day in detail. We smiled as Owen repeated choice words, but stopped in our tracks when he chose one in particular.

This sounds like a set-up for baby's first cuss word, but it's not. (Don't worry, though, it's coming.) No, Owen made fun of me. He smiled really big and let loose a word that started deep in his throat and rose to a shrill pitch.


If you need to hear this in person, I'd be happy to oblige. As it turns out, my baby son will, too.

I stifled a laugh and asked my oblivious husband if he'd heard what his son said. Of course he didn't. This was a phrase reserved for mama time only. It often escapes my mouth when I'm snuggled into the recliner, hiding under a blanket in hope that my children are sharing, using manners, and teaching one another worldly lessons.

You can guess how well that works out.

Inevitably I hear one of two scenarios. Two that make the crazed mama in me come out and release words beyond my control. 1) I hear screaming or crying of any kind from both parties. This means there is a toy between them and they're pulling with all their might. Or there's 2) a crash. If I hear what sounds like dozens of Legos spilling from the closet shelf into a colorful sea of pain, I get a little irate.

That, my friends, is when you will hear the kid-stopping call I am apparently known for. "Booo-OOOOOYSS!!"

Immediately afterward, I hear "Sorry, mama!" or a quick "Am I in trouble?" This means I need to release myself from the cozy grip of my favorite spot and survey the damage.

But the tables were turned last Friday night. After Nathan and I exchanged shocked glances that Owen could nail his impression, we fell into heaps of laughter. We explained the scenario to daddy and continued to giggle as our favorite little brother did it about 49 more times.

After it was no longer funny to anyone but Owen (his jokes get that way), I asked Nathan what I should change it to when a sweet baby girl makes this duet a fighting, arguing, mess-making trio. He first considered the joint call of "Booo-ORRLLLLSS!!" but quickly dismissed it.

He actually figured I should keep my males-only call, as Nora wouldn't do anything like that. She'll be a sweet little angel, he said.

Right. I'll hold my breath for that one as long as I'll hold my breath for skipping over an "Owen's first cuss word" post.

Moral of the Story: Watch what you say around my kids, especially the small one. His little ears are always on. :)

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