Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh, Deer

This is not the rude, directionally challenged animal that I plowed into Monday morning. She was much more vicious. And did I mention rude? Image found here.

Okay, so you remember that post I made a few weeks ago? About that brand new vehicle that I was so proud of?

Well... bad news.

As I was heading to work yesterday morning, right on time with a Cheerio-munching sidekick, I had a bit of an experience. Not a half mile from my driveway, there was a BOOM. A big, deer-sized boom.

I didn't see it until its body was crunched into my shiny new grill, and I didn't stop yelling until my car came to a stop and the dumb animal fell off my bumper. I pulled to the side of the road, took a deep breath, and looked behind me.

"Deer! Deer! Right there! A deer!"

Oh, gee thanks, Owen. Now you tell me!

My first accident was between me and an animal in a car I owned for 13 days. Thank goodness for State Farm being a good neighbor and all. The dent in our bank account is not nearly as big as the dent in my car:

And State Farm wasn't the only neighbor looking out for me. I can't help but bring up the fact that I am so thankful to have been raised in, and be raising my children in, a small town where chivalry still counts.

The guy driving behind me, a perfect stranger, saw the deer lose her race. He jumped out of his truck and immediately checked to make sure we were okay. He proceeded to pick up the pieces of my broken car as I sobbed equal tears of embarrassment and anger, and then dragged the dead animal out of the road.

I listened as he called a boss/co-worker to let him know he would be late.

Once Jonathan got there, I calmed down as we waited on the wrecker. During that time, five passersby pulled over to make sure we were okay. This included both the mayor of our fair city and a local paramedic.

I can't help but imagine this scenario in places where people would be more concerned about this making them late for work or ruining their breakfast with the sight of deer blood.

I may not always rely on the kindness of strangers, but I sure am thankful it exists. Good Samaritans are easy to find around these parts.

I won't get into the "what ifs" of this situation, but there is not a scratch nor bruise on anyone. I honestly didn't feel anything. Owen, Nora, and I are all perfectly fine and we thank our most important neighbor for that.

It wasn't a giant, life-before-my-eyes accident, but I know my passenger seat wasn't empty. I saw Him when I realized my children and I were unharmed and I saw Him in every person who stopped to help.

Hope your Monday was better than mine! :) Have a great Tuesday, y'all.


Jodi said...

Oh man! Bummer about your new vehicle, but glad you all were safe!

Unknown said...

Oh no, so sorry about your new ride. But glad to hear that everyone is okay. He definitely takes care of us when we need it most.