Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Season Starting

It started yesterday.

I found myself Googling Zone 8 planting calendars, sorting through cucumber varieties, and reading threads on the vegetable gardening forum I stalk this time of year. I'm thinking about where my tomatoes will go. I'm considering the addition of corn and chickens. I'm craving the smell of warm dirt and saying things like "harvest" and "peat moss" - yes, it started.

My heart sank a little when I got home, though. After looking at pictures of nutrient rich soil and trellises heavy with crunchy beans, I saw it. My four-bed garden plot completely overrun with last year's dead lettuce and hundreds of weeds waving in the wind.

There's going to be a little prep work this year, y'all.

With the temperature actually right, it was a spectacular evening to be outside. I forced myself over to the garden and pushed the weeds aside, looking for one little sign of hope. Something to motivate me to break out the gloves and find that precious soil.

Lo and behold, I found it.

Last year, as you may recall, I added strawberries to my gardening repertoire. I liked the idea that these could be perennials and would return each year to sprout white flowers and overload my taste buds. However, I neglected to care for them when half a foot of snow came down at Christmas.

I figured they were gone and didn't give them a second look until today. When I saw a white flower peeking out from under the leggy weeds.

I grabbed my gloves and uncovered what I found to be 15 strawberry plants, some small, some big, but all alive. And the majority of which were boasting white flowers that will (fingers crossed) become happy little berries.


Now, y'all, I'm ready. I'm ready to tear into the weeds in the other three beds, load up some compost, and fire up the cobweb-covered tiller. It's T-minus 13 days until Earth Day and that means planting time is drawing near. If you're not ready, you better get ready because you will be seeing a lot of dirt flying around here soon.

Don't be too concerned about boring gardening content, though, as I'm sure there are four little hands that will be happy to help. You know I wouldn't leave my camera out of that fun.

Is your thumb turning green yet?

Happy Tuesday, everyone. :)

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