Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 27

Week: Twenty-seven
Size: Cauliflower
Feeling: Great!
Symptoms: The bathroom trips are increasing. By a lot.
Maternity Clothes: Yes! Regular shirts are officially too short by themselves.
Sleep: With my crafting out of the way, today is ripe for a nap.
Gender: Sweet baby girl. (Starting to get used to this pink thing, too!)
Movement: Her rolls and tumbles are getting strong. She's a wild one.
What I Miss: Nothing. Life is pretty swell today.
What I Want: Owen to feel better. He's coughing and feverish, but snuggly.
Best Moment this Week: The start of nursery planning! (I figured closing in on the third trimester was a good time to start.) This week I visited a woman from our church to get the ball rolling on Nora's quilt. I didn't fall in love with a bedding set, so we're going from scratch. Pale aqua walls, pink crib sheet, white crib skirt, and a very colorful patchwork quilt. I can't wait to start sharing updates. Here's the picture I found online that she's drawing inspiration from:

Photo comes from this awesome nursery. Love it!!

Also, here's a photo of the yarn my MIL and I picked out for Nora's afghan! (She's going to add a solid soft pink thread to it, as well.) Plus the pattern she's going to use. This nursery has some pretty precious potential, my friends. I'm loving the homemade aspects already.

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