Monday, April 15, 2013

Wonderful Woodland Shower

Pop Quiz: Which growing baby is due in one month?

It's okay if you guess wrong, it won't hurt my feelings. I wear my big bump with pride. :) Yes, my gorgeous friend Meredith is the 35-weeker in this picture, a perfect time to celebrate the impending arrival of her first sweet baby, Jacob Timothy.

As I wrote in this post, I was busy crafting last week to prepare for the wonderful woodland-themed party my mom and I hosted for her. I had a blast spending time with the guest of honor and her family and friends. The food turned out great, Meredith was loaded down with everything from homemade blankets to every size diaper you can imagine, and everyone left with a smile on their face and a favor in their hand. I think the biggest smile of all was sported by the glowing mama-to-be:


Now, how's about a few forest-friendly details? My mom's cooking skills, Jonathan's artsy fartsy skills, and my Pinterest-scouring skills combined to make for a pretty epic shindig. Here's the food table, complete with decorations plucked out of my own wood pile (can't get better than free stuff from your backyard):

There was plenty of food for party-goers to munch on (and plenty for me to continue to munch on after said party-goers left). We enjoyed cheese balls that looked like pine cones, cookies that looked like acorns, a cake that looked like a stump, and caprese that looked like mushrooms. I'm telling ya, when we get a theme, we stick with it. Check out some of our handiwork:

And I won't leave out one of the best pieces of the party (and what could have been Meredith's favorite detail!). It's Jonathan's hand-painted wooden sign, complete with a fox that matches Baby Jacob's bedding. I was super impressed by both Jonathan's ability and willingness to pick up a brush and get after it. He also sketched a tree onto a large canvas to serve as the classic thumbprint/guestbook that I have been fond of lately. Love not having to pay for someone else to do this kind of stuff. Yay, art!

I think this shower was a hit, y'all. I am so blessed to have been a part of Meredith's life for such a long time and I was happy to do whatever I could to honor her and her precious baby. He is a miracle in many aspects of the word and he deserved every second of it. Just as much as he is going to deserve every second of smooches and squeezes whenever I get my hands on him for the first time. :)

Good luck on the last month of your pregnancy, Meredith! I know you are going to do an outstanding job and be one of the very best mamas I know. I love watching my friends turn into mothers and I'm extra pumped for this particular transformation.

Have a marvelous Monday, y'all!


Unknown said...

PRECIOUS! Looks like a beautiful celebration.

Unknown said...

I've never seen a woodland theme shower but it turned out beautiful. Everything looks so great.

Anonymous said...

Super cute party!