Monday, May 27, 2013

Baby Brain

For the past couple of weeks I've had strokes of brilliance when it comes to posting. Waxing poetic on the beautiful details of motherhood, the much more abundant stress caused by said motherhood, and the way it comes together to form my life.

And then I have to go to the bathroom or get a snack or something and all thoughts fall out of my head.

So, what better way to break the blog silence than writing a post about how I can never remember anything I want to write about? Makes sense to me.

Hopefully it doesn't make sense to you, you do not want to be on this level.

With only 46 days left on my baby countdown (horrifying), I hate to admit that I have done nothing to prepare for the impending arrival of Miss Nora June. Sure I've documented my pregnancy (shout out to Ashley Mhoon for snapping some awesome maternity pictures this weekend - see more here) and I've attended every prenatal appointment, though my average punctuality is about 7 minutes late. As much as I want to see my daughter's sweet face, my brain cannot handle the amount of work I have to do to get ready.

Let's tick through a list, shall we? Perhaps you're not interested in the things I need to do that I cannot remember to do, but publishing it on the Internet is one way to keep it fresh. Follow? No? It's okay.

  • Choose the Perfect Shade of Pale. Bright. Girly. Aqua. Blue.
  • Paint the Walls That Shade.
  • Redecorate Nathan's Room with an Outer Space Theme.
  • Make That Room Double Occupancy.
  • Convince Owen to Sleep in That Room.
  • Buy Diapers (thank HEAVENS for good friends and an upcoming baby shower).
  • Pre-Register at the Hospital (this came out of nowhere, but I'm glad it popped onto my blank slate).
  • Design and Administer the Perfect Ninja Turtle Birthday Party (fingers crossed Nora's not there).
  • Wash and Fold Tiny Clothes.
  • DECORATE The Pale. Bright. Girly. Aqua. Blue. Nursery.
  • Sleep In. (I'd like to have one day where I sleep until I wake up.)

Maybe once I check that last item off of my list, this brain will kick into high gear and I can get the rest of it (and whatever else I'm forgetting) done in no time. Either way, as long as I snag those diapers, she can come when she's ready.

Even if I'm not.

Have a great Monday, y'all, eat an extra Memorial Day hot dog for me!

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