Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nora June

Now, isn't my sweet baby daughter the sweetest baby daughter you ever did see?

(I know those of you with daughters may not agree, but work with me here!)

We took a sneak peek at Nora June Bauer in four dimensions this week (don't ask, I still don't get it). With her being our third and having 4D ultrasounds with the first two, we planned on skipping it. However, when a certain grandma caught wind of this plan, it quickly changed.

On a gorgeous Tuesday afternoon, all four grandparents, both big brothers, and a proud mom and dad piled into the dimly lit Baby Views room. We collectively held our breath as the wand hit my belly.

Right away, a secret world unfolded. We saw two feet wrap around a perfectly shaped head. We watched tiny fists, each with five fingers, open and close and wave around. We were assured that Nora is still 100% girl and we exhaled as the technician ticked through a list of healthy markers.

Nora wasn't exactly the best baby model, as she preferred to bury her face into the placenta and cover her features with a stray hand or foot. We did get a couple of good shots, though, and you know I'm going to share them with you. Heck, I even stuck her first pink bow on there!

There you have it, folks. My perfectly healthy, growing daughter. My DAUGHTER. Weird, isn't it? And speaking of growing, Nora is the first Bauer baby to actual measure a few days small! Our ultrasound tech said she would guess 7.5-8 pounds at birth and be really surprised if she made it to 9. That, my friends, is music to my ears. I know that can all change in about 10 weeks, but I'm going to stick with that prediction until my OB tells me otherwise.

I no longer fear the 10-pound baby. :)

Also, if your mind is as curious as mine, you'll want to see the comparison. Lucky for you, I made one right away. Here's the original post for Owen's 4D experience. I didn't know about the blogging six years ago.

As always, click to enlarge. View the cuteness full force.

Hope you guys are having an awesome Thursday. I can't wait until the day I post pictures of her actual sweet face. (Except I should probably start you know... preparing for her arrival. That realization of "in about 10 weeks" just hit me. Yikes!)

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