Friday, May 31, 2013

The Cycle

I did not do a good photography job for this play date. Owen looks crazy and sweet Baby Maggie isn't even featured. There will be a full-blown photo shoot next time. Promise.

These are the adorable little fruits that came from the labor of two girls who have spent a lot of their lives together.

These are my kids and (half of) my best friend's kids. The same friend I met when I was the new girl in second-grade. The same friend who helped me drive my parents insane with incessant giggling. The same friend who stood beside me when I said I do.

These are the kids of those kids.


We never know how old we are until we watch our kids play and that sure hit hard last weekend.

My partner in crime and I spent Friday night kid-free and husband-free (Yeah. Let's take a moment and let that awesomeness sink in). We ate at Outback for more than two hours and celebrated the date of her birth. So. Many. Cheese Fries.

Sure, we talked about our kids the entire time but it's completely different when we don't have to wipe mac and cheese from small faces, pick up thrown crayons, or escort little people on potty breaks. It was delightful.

Later in the weekend, we joined forces as families. Let me stress that watching those babies whose births we constantly relive was fantastic, amazing, and all those other happy adjectives, but it was weird. They were playing nicely, they were having conversations, and they were giggling in a very familiar fashion.

As the years pass, I have a feeling this particular cycle will repeat itself. The cycle of friendship will not end with us and though our visits are few and far between, the connection (between us and our offspring) is one that immediately awakens. Heck, this could even turn into something special:

As much fun as I had growing up with Abby, I think this stage of our lives is my favorite. We are adults with a lifetime of memories to cherish and now we get to watch as our own children make memories of their own. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Abby's Baby Maggie and the still-baking Baby Nora will be the two closest in age and eventually be in the same grade in school. We already have them pegged as the loud, obnoxious, hilarious, secret-sharing pair that we used to be.

And probably still are, if you ask my mom. :)

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