Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 30

Week: Thirty
Size: Cabbage
Feeling: Awesome!
Symptoms: Being down to 10 weeks freaks me out, but physically I'm fine.
Maternity Clothes: Absolutely. Still wanting to wear more summery stuff.
Sleep: With my first pregnancy, I dreaded the night because sleep was hard. This is not the current case. Bedtime is my favorite!
Gender: Got even more proof of team pink at our 4D ultrasound.
Movement: Always. I think she goes from head up to head down every day.
What I Miss: It's time to say margaritas again. Ready for a poolside cocktail.
What I Want: The marshmallows in my Lucky Charms! I have a sneaky breakfast partner.
Best Moment this Week: Seeing my daughter's face! And, more importantly, knowing she is happy, healthy, and whole. I can't help but remember last Thanksgiving, when I was certain this pregnancy had ended. Now I'm preparing to meet my baby girl in a couple of months. I am incredibly blessed.

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