Friday, May 10, 2013

Week 31

Week: Thirty-one
Size: Four Navel Oranges (the most perplexing of all comparisons)
Feeling: Tired, but still good.
Symptoms: No new symptoms other than a constantly moving belly.
Maternity Clothes: Oh, yeah.
Sleep: I totally spoke too soon last week. (Don't look back, it'll jinx me!)
Gender: Still a baby girl.
Movement: She. Is. Crazy.
What I Miss: Sleeping all night!
What I Want: My house to be magically clean. Owen's not much help today. :)
Best Moment this Week: Right now, actually. Although I'm cleaning and preparing for the State Convention with the youth this weekend, I'm at home. I'm snuggled under my big blanket, watching Owen watch Dora, and listening to the light rain fall on this lazy day. I think the bathrooms and vacuuming can wait a few more minutes, don't you?

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