Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bauer Boys: Owen

My family is about to change in ways I'm likely not prepared for, so I am trying my best to soak up Life With the Bauer Boys. This post shares thoughts about the small one. Click HERE to read about the big one.

Each morning, right as the sun peeks through the trees, I hear "MAMA!" and open my eyes to the sweetest little grin.

He keeps it up until I lift my pregnant body out of the bed and focus on the small figure next to me. He tells me how he's a big boy who slept in his big boy bed and offers his little palm for an extra-hard high five.

Then it's a diaper and milk, snuggles and Mickey Mouse until big brother joins us. This routine will change when sister gets here, but I am loving it for now.

I can't explain to you how much I love Owen, my baby boy who decided to grow up. It's hard to remember Nathan as an only child and I know that Owen as the youngest will soon be a distant memory.

Therefore, I am basking in it.

I am watching the way his short legs carry him much quicker than you'd think. I am laughing at the way he emphatically shakes his head "yes" while asking a question, hoping I'll agree. I am listening to the little tunes he hums as he bops from room to room. I am stretching thin the seconds after he climbs into my disappearing lap and lays against my chest.

My heart jumps when I see him sit as close to Nathan as possible on the couch, mimic his every move, and look at him as if he hung the moon. I really don't need that to end anytime soon, universe.

He's two years old and he makes that abundantly clear most days, but I wouldn't trade him for the world. I get frustrated when I see a box of Fruit Loops strewn across the carpet or a marker masterpiece up and down his legs, but he loves me and I know it.

{Side Note: This post has been interrupted four times now as Owen draped a blanket over his head and mine, proclaiming "Let's play hide and seek, Mama!" You better believe I hit "save" and complied.}

Becoming a mom and falling in love with a helpless, sweet-smelling baby is an incredible feeling, but hearing that feeling returned puts it over the top.

"Mommy, I wove you." are my four favorite words right now. :)

Owen is going to be an outstanding big brother. There's no doubt that watching him meet his sister will rank in the top five best things to happen in the next two weeks.

Although I am excited about how this impending birth is going to change Owen's life, for right now I am focused on breathing him in as is. Over the next few weeks, I will hold him closely, let him sit on my lap as much as he wants, and whisper into his ear how much I love him.

I am going to look into his face and see him for what he is. My youngest child. My sweet little buddy.

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He's so adorable.