Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cute as a Button

WARNING: Cuteness Overload.
Yes, I made this font pink. No, I will not apologize for it.

It was probably the cutest, most adorable day of my life.

On Saturday I walked into my mom's house to find mason jars of pink lemonade, fabric garlands hanging from everywhere, and my daughter's initials sitting on the table, complete with buttons and bows.

One of my favorite friends whom I've known since the band days of high school, along with her awesome mom who serves as BFF to my own, threw a shower for little Miss Nora June. I was absolutely not expecting a party for my third baby and was thrilled when I first heard about it months ago. Little did I know, these ladies would go all out.

Though I wasn't expecting it, I am quick to admit that I loved every second.

The theme du jour was "Cute as a Button" - you've seen ultrasound pictures, you know how fitting it is. Buttons dotted the lace-covered food table, the pastel-colored cupcakes, and the incredible cake. The decor was shabby chic, a phrase I keep hearing when describing my nursery ideas. Thanks to the craftiness of these two ladies, I have a little more direction since I happily stuffed all their homemade decorations into a bag. :)

I won't leave you hanging on the details. Not only is Ashley a great hostess, she's an amazing photographer, too. All images on this post are to her credit:

After we devoured everything on the gorgeous table, from the sausage balls to the mini fruit pizzas, we made our way into the living room and I laughed as Ashley made me sit in the same seat of honor I forced her into at her own baby shower, just months ago. Thus, the present opening commenced.

Let's just say I'm feeling more prepared today than I was last week.

Resting in the scattered nursery is a teetering tower of diaper boxes, drawers full of tiny dresses and onesies, and pink toys, blankets, and other necessities. Oh, and a pint-sized Razorback cheerleader's uniform. "Why?" you may ask. I will counter with "Why not?"

Sentimental gifts came out of the woodwork while celebrating my first daughter. My MIL and SIL had something very special planned for me. My seester Bridget used to rock her baby dolls in a little chair decades ago (I won't share how many!) at her grandmother's house. Nora's Grammy kept this chair and took it to Becky (jack-of-all trades, Ashley's mom, and shower hostess extraordinaire). It's now an updated pink and white addition to the nursery.

My own mom had a few tricks up her sleeve, as well. I opened a box and saw outfits I'd worn as a baby, complete with pictures of the original model. How sweet is that? You'd better believe Nora will recreate some of those old photos. What other choice do we have when the stuff is this cute?!

During the party we also played a few fun games. We pondered the number of buttons in a jar, we played a rousing round of Baby Bingo, and we guessed what white powder substances were in non-labeled baggies. Nathan was my partner for all three and though we didn't claim any wins, the kid correctly guessed formula for one of the white substances. I argued corn starch until Ashley finally proved him right. Needless to say, he was proud.

After the new ride was loaded down and Owen and I ate 20 more sausage balls, the shower was over. I said it then and I'll say it now - best baby shower ever. (Needing to see more pictures? Click here for the Facebook album.) I am so honored and blessed to know these two women who did so much to make me and my baby girl feel special.

Posing with Becky and Ashley. And also a photo-bombing Owen.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made this party a success, but an enormous thank you to Becky and Ashley. Y'all are awesome people and you not only made me feel loved and Nora feel welcomed, but you made this family feel a lot more prepared to grow.

I guess if we have diapers and girl clothes, this is really going to happen, isn't it?


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