Friday, June 7, 2013

Night One

Technically this is nap one. I didn't get brave enough to snap a sleeping pic until the next day. But still, carry on.


This phrase, heard often around my house, was shouted at 6:33 am today as I rounded the corner to Nathan's room and saw Owen sitting up in his big boy bed, arms held high.

Oh excuse me, that should read "the boys' room."

Yep, Owen wasn't the only one who did it. With much, much help from my mother, we took a rainy Thursday afternoon and crammed two boys' bedrooms into one. Now Owen has his own corner in the bedroom on the left, complete with a toddler bed, his own books, and his name spelled brightly on the asparagus-green wall.

Toys are tucked into organized clear boxes that line the closet under clothes for two different sizes. The toy box is void of trash, Happy Meal toys, and random cookies. The art supplies are in a secret drawer that only the big one knows about, and a small basketball hoop hangs next to two plaques bearing weight, length, and other birth information for my sons.

Plaques that used to hang in nurseries now simply serve as decorations in their first shared room.

I can't say I wasn't nervous about this, which I'll admit is what led to me waiting so close to Nora's due date to kick Owen out of the crib. However, it went surprisingly well. I'll probably come back to retract that statement soon, but it's true for the time being.

For Night One, we let Owen settle into sleep without his roomie. I placed him in the new bed, handed him his blanket, and left him crying as I shut the door. Almost identical to what I've done every night since he moved into his crib.

After about 30 minutes, there was silence.

I peeked into the boys' room and there he was, curled up at the wrong end of his bed and still sniffling, but asleep!

I tucked the big brother in, opened the door wide and turned on the bathroom light, just as I've done since the oldest Bauer boy was kicked out of the nursery.

What followed was a pretty terrible night of sleep - only for me, thank goodness. I just checked on them once, but that didn't stop me from waking every few hours to wonder what was happening. Did Owen wake up afraid? Was he wandering aimlessly through the house? Did he fall out of bed?

Nope. At 6:33 am, I heard my name. I walked in to a well-rested, happy, proud little boy - ahem - big boy.

Like I said, there's a good chance for regression after leaving the crib cold turkey, so I thought I'd get a post in after Night One went so well. Fingers crossed Owen likes being part of Nathan's life so much that he's good to go.

Next Up: Transforming the wonderful woodland nursery into an aqua and pale pink paradise. I still feel the same way I did here and it's going to be bittersweet to splash an ocean-colored hue over the dark green forest, but there are five weeks on the countdown. It's time to get going!

Have an awesome Friday, y'all.

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