Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 34

Week: Thirty-four (plus a day)
Size: Cantaloupe
Feeling: Sore, but spirits are still high for the most part. :)
Symptoms: Just your run-of-the-mill third trimester aches and pains.
Maternity Clothes: Still rockin' my dresses. SO comfy.
Sleep: I've actually been getting some. It helps that I've stayed busy.
Gender: Still my sweet girl.
Movement: You'd better believe it.
What I Miss: Fruity cocktails and the hot tub sound pretty nice.
What I Want: The next six weeks to creep by. And my "Cute as a Button" baby shower! It's next Saturday and I have my fingers crossed that it will kick me into nesting mode. (If not, it's still going to be so fun!)
Best Moment this Week: Play dates galore! After spending the weekend with my BFF and crew, we had the week with our St. Louis cousins, and finished with a Chuck E. Cheese party for one of Nathan's buds. These Bauer boys have stayed entertained. I think this may have had something to do with my sleep comment!

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