Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 36

Week: Thirty-six
Size: Head of Romaine Lettuce
Feeling: Sick! Being "very pregnant" is a lot easier to deal with while breathing.
Symptoms: Just the coughing and sneezing, nothing new on the baby front.
Maternity Clothes: Dresses for all!
Sleep: Not so great this week. Hopefully I'll catch a break before the fun begins.
Gender: Still my sweet girl.
Movement: Yes. She rocked her NST and makes quick work of kick counts.
What I Miss: Working in the garden. It's my favorite, but it's hard on my body.
What I Want: Soup? I don't know.
Best Moment this Week: It's been a weird week, y'all. Started feeling sick after the shower on Saturday and called the OB nurse to beg for antibiotics on Monday. Hormones are raging like crazy and all sorts of overwhelming feelings are starting to creep up with less than a month to go. That being said, however, a lot of fabulous things happened this week! Let's count down my "best moments" shall we?
  1. MY BABY SHOWER. Check back to yesterday's post if you missed all of the cutie details.
  2. Owen spent his second night wandering into our room every half hour, but now he's doing great in his big boy bed - although tonight we did have to take away a noisy tractor he smuggled under his blanket.
  3. Celebrating seven years of wedded bliss. He bought flowers, cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen (and the whole house), and I sat on the couch and coughed. He is really extra nice to me.
  4. A great 35-week checkup. I'm still not dilated and still pretty thrilled. I need this baby to stay put as long as possible! We did a non-stress test because I'm continuing to measure small, but she passed with flying colors. He's going to check on her size on ultrasound next Tuesday.

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