Friday, June 21, 2013

Week 37

I know this comparison makes no sense at all, so I found this pretty picture of Rainbow Chard. If being similar in size to Swiss Chard means you weigh about 6.5 pounds and take up your mom's whole belly, then Nora June is right on track.

Week: Thirty-seven
Size: Swiss Chard
Feeling: Full Term.
Symptoms: Honestly, nothing new. Thankful that my cold is gone!
Maternity Clothes: My rings still fit, but my pants sure don't.
Sleep: Last night was oddly amazing, but all the other nights - not so much.
Gender: Still my sweet girl.
Movement: From hiccups to high-fives all day long.
What I Miss: Picking things up off the ground.
What I Want: DRINKS. I am so incredibly thirsty.
Best Moment this Week: Again, I have so many bests. I know how you like lists, so let's start there. It's been a big week, y'all.
  1. Another Baby SHOWER: The girls in my youth group threw me a surprise shower last weekend with presents, food, games, and a fun-loving priest who was happy to join the festivities. :)
  2. Passing THE TIME: As I talked about here, when I passed 36 weeks and 4 days last pregnancy, I was pumped to once again hit that milestone. That's the exact gestational period that Nathan made me a mama; however, here I am, full term, water intact, and not a contraction in sight. (PS: Read through those super naive posts at the end of my pregnancy with Owen. "As IF I'll make it to my due date...")
  3. Bag is PACKED: Yes, I am as ready as I'll ever be to go to the hospital and birth a baby. Swaddle blankets and tiny pink clothes are nestled next to the most comfortable pajamas and enough toiletries to make me feel human. I suppose I'm ready whenever she is.
  4. Appointment SUCCESS: This time I can't report anything about my cervix (go ahead, breathe a sigh of relief), but we did take a peek inside the womb and saw that Nora is growing just fine. She just measured one day behind and weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces. Dr. G swears there's no way she'll make it to 9 pounds and guesses she might not even hit 8. We'll see about that, doc.
  5. Kicking into HIGH GEAR: With so much work from everyone but me, Nora's room is coming together - and quickly! The gorgeous aqua color has been splashed onto the walls, the newly upholstered white glider is in place, and pink covers the mattress, the changing pad, and the majority of her belongings. I will absolutely do a full post when we get closer to being finished, but I know you won't mind a sneak peek...

    The room color and an expert painter - Owen was not involved:

    I will say that when Owen returned from day care to find his old forest animal room was a girly nursery, his first words were: "Wooooowww. Beautiful!!" Then he proceeded to approach every toy, point at it, and state: "Owen's." He's getting there. :)

    Two of the few pieces that are actually complete:
    The dresser is also finished and packed full of the largest amount of newborn clothes I've ever seen. I still can't get over the fact that its contents are so stinking pink.

To be honest, I really wished I lived in there! It's beautiful, the colors are relaxing, and I can't wait until the decor brings it all together. Don't be too anxious for that full report, though, it's going to be a few days. Happy Friday!

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