Friday, July 19, 2013

Curing Cabin Fever {Part 1}

Jammies at the park? Check.

This little lady and I had not left our home in exactly eight days. It's an understatement to say it was time.

Last night my cabin fever peaked. My butt was sore from sitting around, my body was tired from breathing the same air over and over, and there's only so much HGTV one can take during the course of a week.

Sure, we had ventured out to the backyard to pick tomatoes and rest in the swing, but I was in need of something different. I wanted to see something beyond our small piece of property. (Or at least down the road a little.)

So my dear husband and I began brainstorming to see what we could get into that did not involve the couch, recliner, or bed. I'm not 100% back to normal or anything, but I could not spend another 24 hours staring at these walls.

This morning we dipped our toes into the great outdoors. To the park!

We had big plans to all pile up and head to the Farmer's Market beforehand, but Jonathan knew if we didn't get there at 7:00 on the nose, those prized Nashville peaches would be gone. That being said, half of us were still snoozing when he left to get his goods. :)

When he returned with peaches, fried pies, and breakfast for all, though, we were ready. My husband loaded my three kids and my overstuffed diaper bag into the car. As I climbed in, I just had to look back and grin. My enormous soccer mom mobile was packed down.

Our first hour and a half into the real world was pretty fantastic, except for a tumble out of the swing and a wet slide or two. The boys had a blast, Nora enjoyed a bottle in the ridiculously pleasant July air, and I breathed in the smells of the outside world. It was awesome.

We're still in talks, but our Round Two of curing cabin fever may be a little more intense. Jonathan has been wanting to take Nathan and Owen to Mid-America Museum for a while now and that might find its place on the Saturday morning schedule. Unless my healing takes a serious backslide and I just don't feel up to it, I think I'm game.


I sure hope you were able to enjoy the crazy temperatures this morning. I'm not sure why it feels like this during an Arkansas July but you will not hear me complain one bit. Have a lovely Friday!

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