Saturday, July 20, 2013

Curing Cabin Fever {Part 2}

We did it. We left town with three kids, more snacks than necessary and an absurd amount of diapers. After a quick trip home when Owen realized he forgot his blanket, our sights were set on Mid-America Science Museum.

I am writing this post while lying on the couch with Owen as Nora snoozes in her swing. The three of us are wiped out and maybe a little whiny after such a big day. Jonathan and Nathan, however, are sitting at the kitchen island, excavating a stegosaurus by chipping away at a dusty block of clay.

It's safe to say the big dudes had a blast.

The small ones did, too, I think. As terrified as I was when Jonathan and I each pushed a stroller through the museum's main entrance, we actually had a pretty fantastic day. And boy, did we blow the cabin fever out of the water.

From crawling through the belly of an earthworm to exploring Dino Land, it was awesome! Owen was itching to jump out of his stroller at every turn and even after the third walk through the robotic dinosaurs that roared from every corner, he was not satisfied.

Once we returned home, he asked if he could go to the "robot dinosaur's house" again. When I told him we could, he was quite disappointed to learn I did not mean immediately.

Nathan, a future archeology professor, loved the dinosaurs just as much. Although, he was more sold on the science instead of believing in the monstrous creatures before him. This became apparent when he uttered the following disenchanted statement among a pile of smaller museum visitors:

Look, mom! I see where the batteries go.

Oh well, he still thought it was cool and happily posed for the above photo.

After a couple of hours in the museum and a trip to the gift shop, we stopped at the Purple Cow. The boys munched on their chicken fingers, we enjoyed our burgers, and Nora slept through her first restaurant experience.

However, as we were waiting on our purple milkshakes, Owen and Nora decided to fire up the crying game at the same time. We hustled out of there as quickly as possible and a poopy diaper, a hungry baby, and a dropped milkshake later, we decided to head home.

If that was as bad as it got for our first out-of-town adventure, I'd say it was a success. Here are a few more museum shots:

I didn't get too many pictures of sister during our Bauer Family Field Trip, but thankfully that was because I was either feeding her, changing her diaper, or she was doing this:

Hope your Saturday was just as fun!

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