Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

{Today I've decided to link up with The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday, for no reason other than it's an easy way to clear random thoughts from my brain. Enjoy, write your own random, and go link up!}

ONE: I am loving the weather. It's July 26 and I can count on one hand the number of days I've seen 100 degrees. Score. Plus, these summer storms with their booming thunder and splattering rain are a delight. This morning I'm sipping my tea as all three kids chill on the couch and a storm rolls in. Yes, I started this list with something as mundane as the weather. Yes, I'm okay with this. You know you are, too, it's incredible.

TWO: Tonight one of my favorite friends/photographers is stopping by to capture Nora June's squishy newborn stage. I cannot contain my enthusiasm! I even have a little flower headband to put on this sweet baby's head. (And I'll admit I have three more being mailed to me next week. Maybe this bow thing is more fun than anticipated...) Keep an eye on the blog for the results of Nora's first modeling gig. I know she'll rock it.

THREE: I had to pause this random post to change a disgusting diaper from the petite sweetie shown above. Three ruined dipes later, I gave up and let her hang out on the changing table in the nude. A spit-up volcano proceeded to erupt from her tiny body, soiling her freshly washed skin, my shirt, and the carpet three feet away. Gross. Then she totally peed everywhere.
Silver Linings: her pee goes back and not straight up, her projectile vomit seems more for fun than reflux, and, after all that, she's still awesome.

FOUR: Remember that garden I planted in spring and worried about because I knew how busy/worn out/completely uninterested I'd be in the harvest season? Well, one part is true. I'm very uninterested. You can tell by the weeds, the tomatoes rotting on the vine, and the general messiness. However, it's not a bust. Whenever I politely ask someone (*ahem* Jonathan) to head out and pick a couple tomatoes or cukes, he always returns with an entire bucketful. Holy cow, y'all. Anyone need a tomato? They're super tasty and oddly abundant this year.

FIVE: Earlier this week, we accompanied Nathan to the school supply section of Target with a crinkled first-grade list in hand. We walked out of the store with a Ninja Turtle backpack, two clean composition notebooks, an extra-sharp box of crayons, and more. Best day ever or what? School starts August 19. Nathan has already scanned his class list for kindergarten buddies and found his new teacher in the yearbook. I can't wait to see him transform this blank slate!


R's Rue said...

She is so cute! God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Your little girl is so cute :) Wow and yes that's alot of tomatoes. I love fresh veggies from the garden.