Monday, July 8, 2013

Nora's Nursery

I would like to live there, wouldn't you?

When this post publishes, I could be lying in a hospital bed waiting to get started, in the middle of labor, or cradling Nora June in my arms. Whatever the case may be, I'm a bit busy at the moment. That's why I took the opportunity to gather a nursery reveal post. I figured you might as well have something to read during Baby Watch 2013, right?

It took me a long time to decide what I was going to do in this space. I knew I didn't like many of the bedding sets I browsed through online, so I decided to take a homemade approach, inspired by this awesome nursery. Patchwork or shabby chic - whatever you want to call it, there were many hands involved in the details of this room.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Let's start with a few of the purchased details of the room:

  • Wall Color: PPG's Seascape Green. This is the perfect blend of aqua blue and sea foam green. I love it.
  • Crib Sheet: I wanted solid pink so the quilt could be the star. Both the sheet and the changing pad cover are by Aden + Anais.
  • Bumpers: Again, I stuck with simple and purchased the solid white Breathable Bumpers from Target.
  • Wall Art: Most was purchased at Hobby Lobby with the exception of some handmade creations.
  • Furniture: It's all from Target circa 2007. It's lasted through both boys and will be great for Nora. The blue glider was recovered.

Although I really like the items I bought, the most meaningful touches were created. Inspiration started with a colorful quilt. I got the idea from the nursery I linked to above and I think the woman from my church who put this one together nailed it. I can't look at it without smiling. It's a happy little quilt:

Another favorite aspect of Nora's room are the sweet yarn letters above her bed. I'm fudging a little here, as I did pay for them, but they were handmade by an awesome seller on Etsy. Check her out here. She did an amazing job of giving me exactly what I wanted. It's still weird to know that I had the honor of naming yet another human being:

There are also a couple of things in baby girl's room that span decades. My great-grandmother was a writer and I have several fantastic poems she penned in her early years. One in particular was about daughters. My mom framed and matted it in soft pink to hang on the wall. The mother-in-law of my Granny (the author) was named Nora. It's a great big circle:

From the other side of the family, this sweet little chair used to rock my SIL and her baby dolls in her grandparent's home. Jonathan's paternal grandparents were very special people and they spent quite a bit of time together while he and his sister were growing up. Knowing this chair will live on, thanks to Nora's grandparents who kept it all these years, is a pretty special thought:

Other personal touches include a fabric scrap lampshade made by my pal Becky, the letter N crafted by the hostesses at my baby shower, and the yellow canvas full of well wishes from lots of people who love Nora.

I love this room so much and I still can't believe that the day this publishes is the day I meet its resident. I'm ready to come home and walk straight into this space with my daughter in my arms. I will head to the white chair, look through the willowy curtains, and breathe in deep.

My new life starts today. And it starts here.

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Karen Weido said...

It's beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful wonderful day and everything went well. Can't wait to see her.