Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Royal Baby Who?

I love a good baby watch and the Royal Family is no exception, but come on. Would you just look at this doll?!

Nora and Nathan had double check-ups today and all was pretty much well. Nathan was great and didn't even flinch when getting his blood pressure taken. He's an inch and a half from 4 feet tall. Crazy.

We were thrilled to hear that Nora is back up to her birth weight, plus two ounces. She's still little, though, ranging in the lower percentiles for weight and height. On the flip side, we cracked up to hear that her head ranked in the 80th. She's a Bauer, indeed.

One thing that concerned our pediatrician was a click in her hip, which could be due to the fact that she was breech for much of my pregnancy. We'll get it checked soon and hopefully it's nothing. If it is something, though, we were assured that it's easily fixable.

Other than that, this little cutie is just fine.

After we wrapped up our appointment, we stopped at Red Lobster for a late lunch. We quickly became glued to the TV as we waited for Wills and Kate to carry their precious little bundle out of the hospital to meet the world.

I couldn't help but grin at my own newbie, just two weeks older than His Royal Highness. It made me wonder whether she'll have his poster hanging on her wall in 15 years, like all the little girls who drooled over Prince William during my tween years. (Ahem. Totally not me. My walls reflected that I was more into the Backstreet Boys. Okay, this is getting weird.)

The lives of these babies will be extremely different, but it's neat to relate to someone in such a high place. Royal or not, the deep-seated emotions of those British lovebirds are being felt just the same here in this sleepy Arkansas town. Tonight, all four of us will smile into the faces of our brand-new children.

We will all be up in the wee hours, feeding them, swaddling them tight, and feeling their tiny breath on our skin. Tomorrow we will all be exhausted.

Our bodies will ache, our minds will swirl, and we won't know which way is up. We will, however, be madly in love.

I'll say one thing about the difference between me and Kate, though. Kudos to her for a) looking fabulous one day postpartum and b) being interviewed as the entire world watched one day postpartum.

I could barely walk to the bathroom alone. :)

Happy Tuesday, y'all, and a heartfelt congratulations to the duke and duchess!

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