Friday, July 5, 2013

Week 39

This time around, we aren't making it to pumpkin. Can't wait to meet my melon!

Week: Thirty-nine
Size: Mini Watermelon
Feeling: Like a ball of nerves mixed with complete joy. It's nice, really.
Symptoms: This week has been rougher than most. I'm ready, y'all.
Maternity Clothes: Sigh, my last week for stretchy pants and tent dresses.
Sleep: I'd rather lose sleep feeding a baby than from these aches and pains.
Gender: Still my sweet girl.
Movement: She hasn't slowed down yet!
What I Miss: My body to be my own. It's time to evacuate, Miss Nora.
What I Want: Monday!
Best Moment this Week: Hands down, it was settling on an induction date with my doctor at my last appointment. In only three short days I will be checking into labor and delivery before the sun rises and then making my way to the room where I'll meet my daughter. I am trying my best to relax and enjoy my final days of pregnancy, but I just want her so badly.

I want to touch her cheeks, watch her study my face, and hold her as much as possible. I am desperate to hear that first cry and my doctor tell me she's healthy. I want to watch all three of my Bauer boys cradle her for the first time, making an instant connection of love and the family that was meant to be. It will be as though the five of us were always there.

I am ready.

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