Monday, August 12, 2013

A Watermelon Review

What do you get when you mix a heat index of 111, three melting children, and all the cold, juicy watermelon you can eat?

Answer: Surprisingly, a good time.

Yes, it was that time again, y'all. The time when people from across Arkansas and beyond visit my favorite corner of the state to participate in typical festival fun (re: unnecessary craft purchases paired with unnecessary amounts of funnel cake), but with a little seed spitting mixed in. Despite the fact that every year it's a million degrees and every year I make it a point to let everyone know about it, I LOVE the Watermelon Festival.

It's not only a great way to celebrate one of the most delectable fruits to grace my table, my garden, and the planet in general, it's a little slice of my raising. It is an enormous part of my hometown and my childhood. {And you better believe I have an impressive T-shirt collection.}

It's just part of that slow, small-town feeling I live for. Life moves slower around here and I wouldn't have it any other way. The slower the pace, the more time you have to stop and enjoy it - triple-digit heat and all. Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, a photo review of this year's melon fest:

Although the lemonade tasted just as sweet and the face painting options haven't changed since 1992, one never-before-seen highlight was Miss Nora June. Baby's first festival is a milestone in any little Southerner's life, so you know there was a monogrammed onesie involved. Complete with bow on top:

We hit the festival as the gates opened, but you couldn't tell by the sweat pouring down each of these faces. We had to arrive early on Saturday morning to secure a spot in the watermelon tent to watch one of our favorite cousins compete for Watermelon Idol. The glaring heat chased us there earlier than expected, but it wasn't hard to pass the time:

{Nora was not amused by this watermelon-eating tomfoolery.}

As the eldest Bauer Boy, Nathan naturally got to do more cool festival stuff. There's also the fact that if we loosened the straps on Owen's stroller in the play area, I would have to run. Did I mention that the heat index was a blistering 111? Yeah. That was not going to happen. Thankfully, Owen was content to watch his brother climb through tube mazes, win a sword for popping two balloons in a row with darts, and get a rocking spider tat.

If we can only do one thing at every festival we attend, Nathan would make sure it was the tattoo booth:

While sitting in the "cool" of the melon tent, my mom actually snatched the camera and attempted to capture me sharing this festival fun with my stinky, sweaty little babies. Some results were iffy:

In the above photos, you may observe two things. One: Owen is clearly surfing the Internet on my phone while I pose with his brother. Two: Owen is clearly shooting me with his toy gun while I beg him to pose with me.

Par for the course, pretty much.

Were you able to get out to the Watermelon Festival this year? If not, rest assured that I enjoyed a big slice for you. Have a great Monday!


~Bekah said...

i stumbled across your blog from Facebook... I"m also an Arkansan and blogger! i'm friends w/ Ting's Mom.... your sweet Nora is beautiful! we are expecting our 2nd child in early March and can't wait to find out! :) just wanted to say Hi and that I love your blog :)... my blog is:
if you wanna stop by! ;)
~God bless,

Jessica Bauer said...

Hey Bekah! It's always great to "meet" a fellow blogger from around these parts!! Thank you so much for your sweet compliments on both my blog and my beautiful baby girl. :) And congratulations on your second bundle! Our second was born in March, too, and I think we learned he was a boy in October, so not too much longer 'til you know. Thanks again for stopping by - I'm heading over to your place now. ;)