Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Do you ever feel like you're just running in circles? Meeting yourself coming and going? Herding cats?

Hi. I'm Jessica. Cat Herder extraordinaire. Only that's a lie because I can absolutely assure you there is nothing extraordinary about what I have been doing the past few weeks. Unless keeping all of the children alive, somewhat well fed, and my head above water is an award winner because in that case, pass me my trophy!

No, despite the way it sounds I'm really not looking for pity here (but empathy is always welcome). I am also trying my hardest not to feel sorry for myself, either. Today I just wanted to write and this, my friends, is what I know.

I started back to work last week on my regular part-time schedule of four days a week from 9-2. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? I'll be honest with you. It's awesome. The work I do is enjoyable and it's a long enough day to get a break from the sounds of my household, but not too long that I don't get to spend time with my kiddos in the evening. The part that's different now that my third maternity leave has come to a close is the traveling.

Lord have mercy, the traveling.

If you've ever been a mother, known a mother, or just seen one in the grocery store, you know what I'm saying. You know about the diapers and the formula and the blankets and NO not that blanket, the other one and the milk and the Fruit Puffs and the NO not Fruit Puffs, Fruit YOOPS and the Elmo and the bottles and the OMG where are my keys?! Either you've seen it or you've experienced it, but you know how cat-like tiny humans can be.

You know that in order to get somewhere by 9:00, you make yourself think you have to get there at 8:00 and pray to sweet baby Jesus the last car door closes by 8:45.

You, however, may or may not know about cursing the hay-toting tractor who is taking up both lanes at 9:05.

But I digress. This family of five thing will take some major adjusting now that I have to resume real life and get three kids to three different places before my day can begin. I have to prioritize. I have to strategize. I have to stop hitting the snooze button. Merriam-Webster defines the following:


a. to bring to a more satisfactory state: settle, resolve, rectify
b. to make correspondent or conformable : adapt
c. to bring the parts of to a true or more effective relative position

Oh, Merriam, you make it sound so good. Although I'm head over heels in love with the squishy baby girl that has turned my routine on its head, getting to a more satisfactory state sounds heavenly. I don't think this whole parenting thing is going to get any easier, but I am sure hoping I can get better at it.

If not, we are in desperate need of a coffee maker.

PS: Did you click the link up there? The one where I was talking about herding cats? Please do. It explains my struggles.

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I won't imitate a camel, but just know you're *that* much closer to the weekend.

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