Saturday, August 3, 2013


On quiet afternoons while Nora's taking a break from the crying/eating/spitting/pooping routine, I usually let Nathan indulge in a little video gaming.

Whether it's Harry Potter practicing his defense against the dark arts or Luke Skywalker... doing whatever Luke Skywalker does, Nathan is actually pretty good. This is with no help from me. At all.

He doesn't usually fire up the old console until after I've played the chase-Owen-through-the-house-until-he-surrenders-to-nap game, but thanks to much begging on his part, little brother got a turn today. He lined his rocking chair even with his brother, grabbed a controller and set to work. It was on.

Today the Bauer Brothers took a trip on the Hogwarts Express. Nathan naturally played the part of the bespectacled hero and Owen was Ron, his red-headed BFF. The two cast spells on the bullies in the Great Hall, raced past spiders in the Forbidden Forest, and defeated Professor Umbridge by somehow activating the Floo Network (like I said, I just watch).

I stifled a giggle as I watched the pair in action. Nathan's tongue hung from his face in serious focus and Owen constantly glanced from the screen to his hands to ensure every button pushed was the right one. It was hilarious to watch those little fingers work those big XBox controllers.

Too bad Owen's wasn't plugged in. :)

If there's one thing Nathan has mastered, it's being a big brother, and that particular move was a classic. Nathan will do whatever it takes to appease Owen, whether it's a destroyed Lego house or a stolen Hot Wheels. He (for the most part) doesn't make a big deal out of changing his plans to prevent an otherwise inevitable tantrum. He's chock-full of the necessary patience for serving as the oldest sibling. This was just another shining example.

And this way he didn't screw up his game.

Smart kid.

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