Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Day

{Do you get tired of seeing this face? Good. Me neither.}

It's been a good day at the Bauer house. In fact, probably the best day since becoming a temporary SAHM of three.

SAHM = Stay At Home Mom.
Fancy, right?

That's a rather bold claim to make and I'm sure I just jinxed it all; however, the clock reads 3:27, so I'm calling it. This day has been awesome. Since Nora arrived I've written posts like this and this that highlight in detail just how overwhelming it gets being home all day with these kids. Now it's time to document the easy.

Owen is fast asleep {a nap he took willingly after reading three books and kissing me right on the lips}. Nora is awake and content in her swing. She is often one of those things in her swing, but rarely both at the same time. Nathan is playing a Spiderman video game and was completely agreeable when I gave him the five-minute warning.

I don't know what's in the air today, but I like it! Here are a few more things that are good about today:

  • After Nora's last bottle, I laid with her on the big squishy bed in my room and snapped a few photos of those wide-awake baby blues.
  • I am wearing blue jeans. I'm talking button closure and zip fly, y'all. It may not be the size I was in, but it's a good two sizes smaller than after my first two pregnancies. A win in my book.
  • The yelling today has been at a bare minimum, from the rowdy boys and from the overworked mom. There has been noise, but the nice kind. I can deal with that.
  • Not only am I wearing jeans, I'm wearing the same shirt I put on this morning. You know what that means, right? I've yet to wipe spit-up from anything.
  • My mom brought lunch!
  • I stepped outside with Nora earlier and the weather is simply delightful. My phone tells me it's 84 degrees on August 14 in southern Arkansas. I'll take it!

Funny how just days before I have to turn in my SAHM badge and get back into the real world of a work routine, I decide I never want to leave. I'm doing my best to cherish these quick weeks together, but days like this will make going back a little harder.

I know there will be temper tantrums, spit-up shirts, turned-over toy boxes, and lots of crying to make up for it, but I also know I'll still miss it like crazy. Such is life. :)

What's good in your world today?

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