Friday, September 13, 2013

{Five on} Friday the 13th

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It's time for a little Five on Friday, Friday the 13th edition.

I am starting this post at 10:00 AM. So far this morning, I have been covered in spit-up twice. Once was a freebie. The second time was just rude {and occurred immediately after the cleanup of incident one}. Then I noticed a brown substance smeared all over my leg, the chair, and the carpet. I did not taste it, but I assure you it was not chocolate. Let's just say it was definitely not newborn poop. Thanks a lot, buddy.

Therefore, as I sit at my computer and listen to one disgusting load of laundry bounce around in the washing machine, it's time to take a breath and remember why I love Fridays - bad luck and all! This week's countdown shall be known as Jessica's Friday Favorites.

ONE: Pajamas. Even though I've changed T-shirts a couple of times this morning, there is nothing stopping me from going to the closet for a fresh one. Friday is the one weekday I don't make my commute to the office and I do my best to make the most of it. Despite the fact that 2/3 of my children often prevent me from lounging in my lounge wear {or exercising in my exercise shorts, but that's another story}, pajamas are the official uniform. Even in the car line. Ask around.

TWO: This. If I were at work I'd miss a few of these moments interspersed between the screaming and puking:

THREE: Leisurely Breakfasts. Each Friday morning after we race to get Nathan shipped off to the first grade, we slow the pace and head to McDonald's. Owen gets a hash brown and his favorite sausage patty and I get an extra large shot of vanilla-flavored fuel. Nora typically likes to ride in the car so it's a nice way to spend the first few minutes of the day. Then I make my way home to enjoy a breakfast date with the smaller Bauer boy as the Bauer girl naps in her car seat. I know chaos will soon come knocking, but those few moments are bliss.

FOUR: Cleaning. If you've ever known me at any point in my life, you know good and well that every thing has a place and if it's not there, I'm crazy. My life is a little busier than normal these days and you have no idea the knife in my heart it is to rush through the door on work days, leaving dirty clothes mountains and crushed-in-the-carpet Cheerios. Although the rare relaxation of a weekday off is incredible, so is an empty hamper, a lemony fresh toilet bowl, and a sink I can see myself in. Y'all. It's the little things.

FIVE: Twelve. Thirty. This is the time that Nora's bottles have been washed, what's left of Owen's lunch has been cleared and both have {hopefully} given in to an afternoon nap. As Owen's last pleas for help are heard from behind his bedroom door, I can settle into the couch with a lunch of either half-eaten grilled cheese, microwave popcorn, or a Lean Cuisine if I'm feeling fancy. I can watch something that involves real human beings on the television or lose myself in the laptop. Inevitably this will end too quickly so right now I'm going to savor it. If you'll excuse me, I've got a date with Zack Morris and the recliner.

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Rychelly said...

Love your blog! Just found you through the link-up! Being is the best gift of life, although I too have been there many times with the puke and the poop and then some :) Hope you enjoyed your moment of silence and bliss while everything was quiet for a moment. Have a great weekend!