Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

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It's Friday, shortly after noon. My house is clear of Pop Tart debris, dirty clothes, and bottles containing curdled formula. Nora is resting and Owen is laughing at videos of himself on my phone. I've not written much lately and I will blame it on brain overload. Why don't I just dump a little of that information out in Five on Friday fashion? Here we go.

ONE: As I mentioned before, first grade is tough. Although the kindergarten of today is a far cry from the naps and coloring of yesteryear, this is a different world. Nathan has to work independently, turn in homework without being reminded, and prepare for the dreaded bubble tests. He even has to take a weekly comprehension test during which he reads the book and the test by himself. My BABY! That first day was a shocker, but I'm proud to say he's doing better. The kid even aced his first spelling, math, and reading tests. {If only he could remember to bring home his lunchbox.}

TWO: My SIL is back in town! After a six-year stint in Maine, Jonathan's sister has returned to replant her roots in Arkansas soil. She's living in Conway to be close to her parents once again and although we're still a good two hours from central Arkansas, it's nice to know his entire family is just a short drive away. I'm thrilled that she is getting to know her first niece fresh from the womb and the Bauer boys were able to jump right in like she'd been here all along. I very much look forward to seeing Jonathan spend time with his family as a whole. This a time when the Bauer Family Unit needs to be as strong as ever and I feel very blessed to be a part of it.

THREE: This. How could this not just brighten your day? Nora June is nearing her two-month mark and that sweet little personality is starting to shine. This is the first official picture I've gotten of a real, non-gassy smile. Isn't she precious?? I took both her and Owen to the doctor not too long ago as the coughs and sniffles have been going around. We found out that this petite miss has gained almost four pounds since birth. She doesn't miss many meals, y'all. Tune in next week for a full two-month report and think of me Monday when I take her for her first shots. I'd imagine it doesn't get any more fun with the third kid.

FOUR: If you haven't noticed by now that the name of this blog has changed, you aren't really paying attention. I have converted from blogging about my favorite boys to writing about the family as a bunch, if you will. To go along with that name change, I'm currently working on a major overhaul on the design front. So far, I am loving the bright orange and blue theme that Aliya Rinaldi Designs is cooking up for me. We're close to being done and I'll soon have a pretty little corner of the Internet to call my own. Stay tuned for a complete update and the reveal of my new URL. Fancy, right?

FIVE: I've been back in the saddle at work for more than two weeks and thankfully, I haven't screwed up too much. Tuesday, however, was the first day all three of my kiddos were in the care of a non-family member. Nora is now staying with the lady who used to watch Owen. She's retired from the day care business, but needed something to fill the quiet time in her day. Nora doesn't care who feeds her or changes her as long as someone does it, so leaving her wasn't too tough. Owen was the hard one. Tears when I dropped him off and tears when I arrived. It's been two weeks at his new day care and he's starting to settle in. He's making new friends, the tears are slowing, and I live for the enormous hugs at pickup. And the best part? My Fridays look like this:

Have an awesome weekend, y'all!

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Anita Rowe Stafford said...

You are indeed a busy mom! The little ones are darlings and will grow and change so quickly. Enjoyed your sweet post.