Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In the Rain

For those of you who live around these parts, these pictures don't make any sense when you compare them to the incredible blue skies and crisp air that's waiting on the other side of your office windows.

If you'll recall, though, it rained on Friday. For the first time in a very long time. It was a slow, steady, all-day-long kind of rain. No thunder, no lightning, just rhythmic drips pooling in the dry creek beds and puddles, making the very smell of heaven waft through my cracked doors and windows. {That sounds dramatic, but heaven. Seriously.}

Therefore, when Owen asked if he could play outside in the rain, what kind of mom would I be to say no? I readied a towel and let him loose. He stood on the back patio with his head tilted skyward and his mouth wide open. He laughed as his shaggy hair swung raindrops every way and watched as the water made patterns on his dinosaur shirt {which he soon lost}.

Although I'm a few days late posting these, I figured you might need a dose of cute on this gorgeous Tuesday morning. Also, insert something philosophical about dancing in the rain both figuratively and literally here.

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