Sunday, September 8, 2013

Life's Grand

Today we honor the parents of our parents. Those awesome people who always have quarters in their pockets, candy in their kitchens, and room on their laps.

Maybe you see them every day or maybe you haven't heard their voices in decades, but I bet I spark a memory when I mention the incredible way grandparents make you feel.

I'm blessed to have two grandmas who still think my fellow grandkids and I hung the moon. And they both still have an endless supply of treats and praise. There's something special about hearing the good in your life sung from the mouth of a grandparent that makes it sound amazing. I am a much better person in their eyes than in my own.

I really need to visit my grandmas more often.

And not just because I'm 100% sure both still have a chocolate stash beneath their kitchen counters.

Although I love how young and full of life my grandmas make me feel, one of the coolest things about becoming a mom has been watching my own parents take on a new role. My parents and in-laws are superhero grandparents and this bunch is one lucky crew. Whether it's unlimited babysitting, an extra push on the swing, or a tight-as-possible hug, they are there. My three are enamored with their grandparents with good reason.

As I tried to think of a way to honor these four people who fill my children with love, life, and chocolate milk, I realized I needed a different point of view. I was in need of a guest blogger. Below, Nathan has listed his favorite things about his grandparents. {Owen and Nora both said they wholeheartedly agree.}

  1. I like to go swimming with her at her house. She swims so fast and teaches me, too.
  2. She is very helpful, like when I say, "Nana, I accidentally spilled my drink," she just comes and cleans it up.
  3. Me and Owen like to play Legos with her.
  4. She is really good at cooking steak and macaroni and cheese.
  5. When she goes to church she wears sparkly necklaces and looks really pretty.

  1. She takes me shopping for toys sometimes when my mom doesn't.
  2. When she gives me hugs she always squeezes really tight.
  3. I love to make her laugh whenever I do funny voices and funny faces.
  4. She has a Kindle Fire and she has a game called poo (it's not about poop or anything).
  5. We really love to play Lincoln Logs together. She builds houses better than my dad.

  1. I like to go on Jeep rides with him. Last time he spotted a locust shell.
  2. He is really good at telling jokes and he taught me the one about the boogie.
  3. He lets me play his iPad and I really like Plants vs. Zombies.
  4. He's super good at playing the guitar.
  5. One time he taught me to burn leaves with a magnifying glass for a science lesson.

  1. Sometimes we sit on the couch and watch Ninja Turtles together. I'm pretty sure his favorite guy is Mikey.
  2. He's really good at video games and I like to play Harry Potter with him all the time.
  3. I like the way he cooks hamburgers for me.
  4. We like to play outside together and he has a REAL big airplane we fly.
  5. I love it when we go together to the donut store. I always get blueberry.

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