Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nora {Two Months}

{Oh, hi! Did your heart just explode with joy? Good. My work here is done.}

Nora June Bauer doesn't miss many meals, if you know what I'm sayin.

This little chunk is really starting to fill out when you compare the above pictures to the ones I took a month ago. She has rolls in places they did not exist before and I am loving every squishy second. People keep telling me she looks more and more like her brothers {namely the biggest one} and I think the extra fluff has a little something to do with that. True to the Bauer Baby Tradition, I knew there was no way Nora would remain petite. As you can see, she's starting to prove her mama right.

Other than being the most adorable baby on the block, here are a few more Nora style current events, hand-picked just for you:

  • Nora had her two-month appointment yesterday and weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds, 15 ounces. Still a far cry from Owen at this age, but she's catching up. Newborn clothes are long gone.
  • She was in the 37th percentile for both weight and height and the 91st percentile for head circumference. Umm... I think I'd better size up on my next headband order. 
  • Not only did Nora get her first shots, she got her first prescription, too. Double boo. Breathing treatments and antibiotics for this pretty little girl with a terrible cough.
  • Even sick, this baby love's grin can light up a room. It's still hard to catch on camera, but she can work it. It starts in her eyes and her whole face glows. I melt. You would, too.
  • On the gross front, the spit-up volcanoes are rare {I've probably just jinxed myself}. On the other end *ahem* things aren't so pretty. Fair Warning: don't stand downwind of her.
  • This weekend Nora will don the baptismal gown I wore 29 years ago and be blessed in front of our home parish. It's going to be pretty awesome. There will be lots of friends, family, and cake. And a million pictures. Get ready!
  • Nora cannot make so much as a squeak without a Bauer boy in her face. Literally. Owen has started to scale the changing table just so he doesn't miss anything Baby Sisser does. I guess she just has to deal 'til she can crawl away.
  • The beautiful blue eyes have stuck around so far. Sometimes I think they're getting darker but other times the light hits them just right and they're crystal clear. Who knows where they'll end up, but they're gorgeous.
  • No bald spots have formed just yet and that hair of hers is still growing - straight up. This little chicken's 'do is still a crazy combination of blonde-brown-red.

Baby Nora wishes y'all a terrific Tuesday!

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