Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Bauer Bunch, Officially

Looks like I have a new home, y'all!

If you haven't noticed, things have been changing around here. When we found out Nora would be the first little Bauer girl, I knew yet another blog name change was in order. I tossed around several ideas {some ridiculous, I'll spare you}, and it took me forever to reach a decision - long after the Bauer Boys became the Bauer Boys + Girl. I didn't want the name to change too much and I wanted it to be something that would stick with my family for life. After going round and round, I settled on the most obvious answer: Life With the Bauer Bunch because, you know, we're all a little bananas, anyway.

I also wanted to get away from the URL I created when this blog was all Nathan, all the time during his heyday of being the only child. I needed a new domain. So when I contacted Aliya Rinaldi of Aliya Rinaldi Designs and Double the Fun {go read her blog, it's hilarious and her kiddos are ridiculously cute!}, she was happy to fix me up with a new home and an awesome new look. Without further ado, I present the following:

Ta-dah! Pretty darn official, am I right? If you have this page linked on your Web site or bookmarked on your browser {God bless you!}, feel free to change it to this new address. However, if you just LOVE being reminded of the adorable ball of fun Nathan is and you refuse to go along with the update, never fear. It will still redirect you right where you need to be. You can also click the links under Connect on the sidebar to hang out with me on different parts of the Internet. Fun!

Aliya did an awesome job making my little corner of the world wide web a lovely place to be, didn't she? I love the new look, but rest assured the content will not change. I'll continue to blog about the trials, joys, and exhaustion of parenting this little bunch of mine, from Owen's latest shenanigans to Nora's rapid-fire growth. Expect cute pictures, funny quotes, and other random thoughts that need to be emptied from my mind. Don't worry. It'll be fun.

Also, if you do have this linked on your site for some reason, grab my button from the sidebar and use as needed. Thanks!

Happy Wednesday, y'all - from the entire Bauer Bunch!

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M~ said...

Love the new look and the adorable headband ;) You have some adorable little ones!