Thursday, October 24, 2013

All-Around Academic

I'm going to brag a bit today. If you're not into that, please avert your eyes and go watch TV or something. If you're into first-grade success stories, then stay with me.

I am a very proud mama and I refuse to be ashamed of that. Plus, Nathan's grandparents probably want to read about how cool I think he is, and I know you can't argue with me there. We good? Great.

This dapper fellow is my eldest son, dressed as a stylish fourth-grade teacher for career day during his school's Red Ribbon Week. He was decked out with modified sunglasses, a tucked-in polo, and a grade book full of imaginary students. After a day of learning with the class veterinarian, a well-dressed lawyer, and a nationally-renown soccer star, it was time to go to his parent-teacher conference. We did this in kindergarten and were always given awesome reports, but this report card was a bit different than the check-off lists of days gone by.

As we entered the classroom, the first thing out of his teacher's mouth was, "Nathan you did great! You got straight As!" Three, to be exact {hence the post title}. Conduct, language arts, and math. I was not surprised. I had seen his test and classwork grades over the past nine weeks and I knew he was doing well. There was just something about seeing it printed on a piece of paper next to my baby's name that made my heart skip.

Do any other parents get weird when it comes to their kids' names? It takes a few months for me to adjust to others calling my babies by a name I picked. Then it gets even weirder when I see it in print or scribbled across the top of a homework paper. Naming a person is such a huge job and I sometimes can't believe someone let me do it. Maybe it's just me.

But I digress. Yes, Nathan aced his first report card that actually featured letter grades. He was proud and all, but he was anxious to leave the classroom and head to the book fair. Ahh, the book fair. Doesn't that fill your head with some amazing memories? {I giggled when I saw that kitty posters were still a thing.} Chapter books, picture books, comic books, science books - Nathan was in heaven! He didn't know where to start, but once he got over the initial shock of his library being turned into a store, he found the nonfiction section and stayed there.

We came home with a book about animals, a book about space, and a two-pack from the Magic Tree House series. A pretty good haul for his first report card prize. It's not quite the chunk of change his grandpa gave him, but still good. Who wants to take bets on how long the cash-for-each-A rule holds up? I hear there are seven classes in junior high...

Better start saving now, Gramps! If Nathan continues to do his best, that wallet's going to get hungry. :)

Also, in honor of Throwback Thursday, here is a picture of yours truly during the primary school days. Nathan and I were recently rifling through my K/1 box, reading silly stories I concocted and comparing our artistic abilities {I lost}. This little gem just happened to surface. Cute little thing, right?

Have a happy Thursday, y'all!

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