Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nora {Three Months}

{Hello, sunshine!}

My blue-eyed baby is growing up on me, y'all, and getting cuter every day.

Yesterday marked the three-month anniversary of Nora June's spectacular entrance into this crazy world. Since then, she appears to have tripled her weight, gained a couple amazing cheeks, and developed rolls all over. She's also growing sweeter with each passing day, sharing smiles and coos with all who take the time to talk to her, and using those bright eyes to focus on her brothers. Although we don't have a doctor's appointment until next month {whew}, why don't I just give a list of mommy-written stats? They're the best kind, anyway:

  • Nora loves faces. She loves it when anyone takes a second to actually look at her. Not fawn over her cute outfit or sweet face, but really pay attention to her as a tiny fellow human. The grins will start in the wrinkles of her eyes and spread into a wide, gummy smile. She will work hard to form an "Ooooh" and an "OH!" to answer your questions and she'll hang on your every word. Next time you see her, try it out. It's incredible.

  • As much as I was convinced that there's no way I could have a blue-eyed baby, I still do. Who knows how long they'll stick around, but they're still as clear as the autumn sky. Her eyelashes go for miles, too. Try looking into those peepers and not melting into a puddle of goo. Bet you can't!

  • Bathtime is another favorite of my baby daughter's. At just three months old, this chunk has graduated from sink to tub. We still use her bath flower to keep her comfy and in place and she just splashes away. I love this thing. I swear, baby products get better, smarter, and easier to use with each child.

  • Headbands. As you can see, Nora has inherited the classic Bauer noggin. What better way to dress it up than with the most adorable headbands on the Internet?? She's growing quite a collection and I'm pretty sure there will be a package of fall-themed headwear waiting for me in the mailbox this afternoon. A photo shoot may follow. You can find a couple my favorite Etsy shops here and here.

  • Nothing much as changed in Nora's diet. She still eats and she still enjoys it. However, I did make an addition this month. Karo. I don't know if you hang out with many grandmas, but we do. From her own two grandmas to her baby-sitter who is practically a third, we have enough wisdom to write a baby manual. Also, if you've hung out with grandmas, then you probably know what to do about baby constipation. Therefore, Karo. I won't go into details, just know that it's helping.

  • Last night that sweet baby giggled for the first time. I'm talking a high-pitched squeal followed by laughter. I'm talking run through the house looking for my phone to record the magic only to find it was on the bookshelf in the nursery the entire time. Once I made that revelation, the giggles turned into fusses and I gave up. I'll get it one day though, and I'll be happy to share it.

  • In the tradition of her brother Owen, Nora seems to be a texture-loving lady. Thank goodness we built her her own stash of muslin swaddles because she's already figuring out how to wrap her fingers around the soft fabric and soothing tags. A blanket in the hand paired with a paci in the mouth while rocking in the swing is Nora's recipe for a nap and my recipe for hands-free time {which I totally use to clean and not hold the remote...}

  • As sweet as it is to imagine Nora laughing and grinning, the kid has a mean streak. If that bottle's not ready at straight-up three hours from the last one or if that poop is in her diaper for more than five seconds, she will let the baby monster loose. And don't think about even whispering the phrase "tummy time" or you'll get a wrath not cured by paci nor blankie. :)

{If you look closely you'll notice the progression of Nora falling over.
That big head is heavy!}

Have a Happy Hump Day, y'all!

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