Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Owen Says

{Did you enjoy the rain today? We did.
Evidenced by this photo and the soggy shoes tumbling in the dryer.}

Back when Nathan was a little bitty four-year-old, I did a round-up post on some of the silly Nathan-isms I still hear on a daily basis {and if you're a Facebook friend, so do you}. Let me tell you, Nathan is just full of them. He's quick-witted, he's hilarious, and the kid loves a pun. The older he grows, the funnier his jokes and stories become; however, his second banana is developing some material, too.

Over the past few months, language has just exploded for Owen Charles Bauer. We all know the fear that strikes us somewhere around age two.

"Oh no! My kid is never going to talk. He's only going to mumble, grunt and produce incoherent syllables, and then cry from frustration when I don't understand."

We all do it. We all look at the sheets from our last pediatrician check-up and attempt to count the words he says to make sure we're on track. "I think we can count both 'no' and 'no-no' right?!" But then... something weird happens. He starts to figure it out on his own and watch and mimic and learn and before you know it, you'll be uttering this:

"Oh no! My kid is never going to be quiet."

And so, here we are. Owen the chatterbox has had some doozies recently and what kind of mother would I be to keep them to myself and not spread them across the Internet? An awful one, you're right. Here's just a handful of Owen-isms:

  • Lying on the ground next to one another, I rose to all fours and asked Owen if he wanted to play horsey. After rising to all fours himself: "Okay! I'll be the piggie. Oink, oink!"

  • Nathan and Owen were playing puppy. Naturally, Owen was the dog. Nathan was giving commands and he wanted his puppy to chew on his bone, but he hesitated on the delivery. Nathan: "Okay, now uhhh... CHEW!" Owen: "Oh, God bless you!"

  • After the 4956th time I called a kid by the wrong name: "I'm not Nathan. That's IMPOSSIBLE."

  • While pumping gas at a gas station: "What is this place? Oh, a gas station. Do they have hot dogs? Oh, HOT dogs? At a GAS station? Well, isn't that just delicious?"

  • To me, while on our daily commute: "Mommy, are you a hobo?" {Thanks a lot, Wreck-It Ralph}

And this is just a sampling of the ones my mom brain is letting me remember. This kid is ridiculous and he hasn't even hit three. Who knows what's going to happen when he actually realizes the majority of things that come out of his mouth are hilarious. I suspect Stand Up Night will have to fit in somewhere between Taco Tuesday and Pizza Weekends. We may even host an open mic night if you're interested. This is some pretty stiff competition, though.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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