Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Posing

{Does Nora look uncomfortable here?
It could be because she was squished between two pumpkins. No big.}

Saturday afternoon, the Bauer Bunch loaded up two strollers and a training-wheeled bike to enjoy a walk to the pumpkin patch. We were determined for the perfect photo.

Have I mentioned how hard it is to photograph three entire children? Oh, I have? Sorry.

As soon as we arrived and released the beasts from their stroller confines, the boys took over. They jumped across hay bales, poked every pumpkin, and avoided the camera at all costs. I wasn't surprised. I didn't expect them to fall into line with smiles plastered just so. That'd be too easy. So we started with Baby Nora, who was decked out in a cute little pumpkin headband from Sassy Sweet Pea Designs.

Being a mere three months old and having acquired quite a round shape in those short months, Nora's balance is slim to none. Best fix for a wobbly baby at the pumpkin patch? Stick her between two giant gourds and push them together until she can't move. Voila! The perfect autumn photo op!

Then there was Owen, who simply would not heed the advice of his mother, his grandmother, and the patch attendants that putting all of his 40-pound weight upon the wooden pallets holding delicate little pumpkins is not the best of ideas. I decided to take advantage of his ever-present stubborn streak and get a picture of his civil disobedience. The nerve!

Nathan is always a champ. Maybe he doesn't exhibit that award-winning, albeit toothless, smile when forced to pose, but by golly he will cooperate with only the tiniest hint of bribery. Luckily he was so excited to bike through the entire neighborhood that a genuine smile was easy to pull once we left the pumpkins in our wake.

Here's what I got:

As far as a group shot, let's just say we already have fall pictures booked by someone who did not give birth to any of the children pictured. I know she can do better than me, which is a good thing, or else you'll open your mailbox to a Christmas card that looks something like this:

Hands down, best shot ever. Someone call it a win and pass me the mom-tographer of the year award. Kidding. At least these kids were happier to leave than they were last year. Hope your day is full of agreeable children and fall fun. Happy Monday!

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