Thursday, October 31, 2013


{He had no idea what lurked inside.}

See how happy my little guy was before his daddy scalped this pumpkin, ripping out its very guts?

That smile didn't last long.

If you have ever met Owen or read this blog, you know the kid is no stranger to dirt. He takes the long way around just to get ankle deep in a muddy puddle. The bigger splash the better when tossing rocks into a mud pile. When you give him a delicious plate of spaghetti, he ends up wearing more than he eats. Last night we learned the hard way that the stringy, orange fibers that live within every pumpkin strike fear in his heart. Who knew?

"Ew, gwoss!! That's DUH-sgusting."

I tried to solve the situation in a manner similar to ripping off the band-aid. I pushed the giant bowl of pumpkin guts toward my son, who withdrew like a vampire to garlic and began sobbing. He climbed down from his post at the kitchen bar and ran into the living room to catch some cartoons. I kept asking what kind of face he wanted, as he had been debating between happy and spooky all day long. All he could give me was: "None FACES! NO. MORE. PUMPKIN!"


In yet another attempt to convince the smaller of the Bauer Boys that scooping pumpkins to prep them for carving is super fun, we asked the larger one to give it a try. He slowly brought his outstretched index finger toward the mass spilling from my hand and touched it as though it were on fire. "Ewww, it's wet and slimy!" That plan didn't work out, either.

Nathan didn't give up as quickly, though, and was happy to draw a kitty face on his pumpkin, as long as Jonathan and I did the scooping and cutting. I decided to guess a happy face for Owen and once it was finished, he was pleased with the results. However, he still had to peek in to make sure those yucky guts were gone.

Once night fell and darkness filled the front yard, we asked the boys if they wanted to see their {our} handiwork. Owen agreed, but would not let me put him down for a second. We walked onto the porch and they were delighted with what they saw. Owen's hands dug into my shoulder and he whispered in my ear, "It's 'pooky' outside at mama's house."

"Pooky" indeed. :)

Happy Halloween, y'all! Eat a ton of candy tonight, then check back tomorrow for Luke, Leia, and Darth.

Wait. You might have noticed something missing in this post. That's right, I have a third child, don't I? Unfortunately that baby has been sick this week and she slept through the entire pumpkin process. We always let a sleeping baby lie, no matter how cute, but I did grab a shot of her batty outfit this morning. I am in love with this bow by Sassy Sweet Pea Designs and this adorable monogrammed onesie from Lightin Bug Kreations:

Also, I am 100% sure she will be the one to chase the boys around the house with pumpkin guts next year. This may or may not be based on the fact that I did it to my own brother. What can I say? It's in her blood.


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