Friday, October 4, 2013

The Small Ones

This morning is gorgeous. Perfectly 71 degrees {for now}, fog is settling into the dips and valleys of the tree lines, and bright white jet trails outline the stringy cotton clouds.

At approximately 7:42 - after killing what can only be described as the most horrifying spider ever to show its ugly head on my doorstep - I performed the morning ritual of loading the troops. Nora's car seat snapped into place as Nathan climbed over toys and discarded Apple Jacks to the back of the mom wagon. Owen scrambled into his spot on his own because "no help me, Mama!"

We pulled out onto the quiet highway and marveled at God's work on this crisp October day. After a few stop lights and a bit of mom-heavy traffic, we turned into the parking lot for primary school drop off. As we waved to Nathan and drove away, Owen said the same thing he says at this time every single morning:

"I go to first-grade today, too!?"

This little two-year-old is too ready to grow up, y'all. I know it comes with the territory of watching a big brother do cool things like eat cupcakes in a classroom and use pencils the proper way, but still. He's two. I have a long time before the small ones leave me on my beloved Fridays at home.

My little bits and I make the same path home and sit down to breakfast and cartoons together. We break out the big Legos, coo over Nora as she attempts to lift her head from her nursery floor, and read every book Owen's heart desires. I snuggle into Nathan's rocket bed while I watch Owen methodically empty his toy box. I sit with my babies in the backyard swing and count the egrets that land on the golden hay bales. I clean the dishes, I wash the bottles, and I fail miserably at making a toy path on the living room floor. I change a diaper once an hour and I close my eyes when they both go down for naps after lunchtime. And I love it all {well, most of it?}.

Owen often asks when he will be able to get out at primary drop-off. I'm pleased to report it's three long years. I'm so proud of Nathan and all he has done in school the past few years. I'm proud that he loves it. I'm proud that he's doing so well. I'm proud that he wakes up {almost} every weekday morning excited to learn. But, y'all. I can't express how happy I am that I don't have to do the first day of kindergarten for a while. Spoiler Alert: it's kind of hard.

But, one by one, year by year, it will come. They will grow. They will blow out the candles and be one step closer to strapping on a backpack and walking into a classroom. One day I will have to modify my mornings to drive through three different campuses twice a day {yikes!} and empty three backpacks and supervise three rounds of homework with varying difficulty.

For right now, though, on this glorious autumn day, it's just me and the small ones.

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Jody dilday said...

Sweet babies! Don't blink!