Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Relaxing Read

Tonight I was primed to write about potty training. I had my thoughts gathered, my points arranged, and my flushing metaphors fine-tuned. Then I witnessed the following:

{Don't worry, the potty post is coming. And it should help to know I'm lying about the flushing metaphors.}

Tonight has been hectic. I believe there was a full moon recently and our family did not go unaffected. There was running, there was screaming, there were video game controllers ripped from tiny hands, there was goldfish stomping, and there was even a "doodie-head" thrown around. At about 6:55 pm, I was done.

The extra hour may go unnoticed when DST ends, but the ability to trick your kids into early bedtime is a perk.

The mom rage took over and I let loose a rant that demanded those boys of mine brush their teeth and get into bed immediately. My crazy eyes gave way to the fact that I wasn't bluffing and they did as told. To be sure, I slipped into the hallway and eavesdropped as Owen marveled at Nathan's rinsing abilities. Once he figures it out, I know he'll be a world-class spitter. However, this is not the topic of the hour. Not today, at least.

Once my squeaky clean boys carried their bare feet and wet heads into their bedroom, I relaxed enough to politely ask them to take a few quiet minutes to read. It's no secret that my boys love books. Nathan's reading skills have exploded this year and Owen is known to snuggle into an empty spot on my lap with a stack of stories.

A few moments after that request, I didn't hear silence. I heard reading.

I walked into the bright green bedroom and I saw Nathan turning the pages of "Are You My Mother?" with his younger brother, head in hands, looking at every picture. Hearing every word. Owen answered some of the questions Nathan presented in the book, but not in a way that interrupted or distracted. No book slamming, no pushing or shoving, and not even the hint of a pillow fight. The air was still and it held fast to every word that flowed from my son's mouth. I recorded the video and then I sunk onto the worn carpet. And I listened.

I took a few deep breaths and I let the calm take over my body as my child read to me.

I watched as these two little people, these brothers, these friends, bonded over words. They let the worries of the day melt away while sitting on that bed in their pajamas. All that was left was each other.

And me. And it was just what I needed.

{Photo Credit: Corey Kramer Photography}

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