Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's Potty Time

That right there, my friend, is a 100% genuine, absolutely-deserved, mango-flavored potty pop.

Hang on tight, guys, we're going there. I'm sure potty talk tops many Buzzfeed lists ranking the most annoying habits of Internet moms, but this particular Internet mom would like you to click back over to Buzzfeed if you're offended. The potty train is pulling into the station and I am proud. Too much? Just enough? Perfect. {You didn't really go to Buzzfeed, did you? You'll lose all the hours in your day and probably your mind. Fair warning.}

Right before we welcomed little sister into the world, I surrendered to the fact that I'd have two in diapers. Owen wasn't ready, but I was hoping that would change after Nora's birth day. Nope. Every so often, I would ask my middle child if he wanted to go potty. I told him it was fun, you get prizes, and all the cool guys do it. Nope. This one's as stubborn as they come and I knew the only person I'd wear down by pushing would be me, so I took a relaxed approach. I'd rather just change a diaper to be honest, but Nathan's been potty trained for a while now so I knew his brother's time would come. Then, as he was preparing for his bubble bath last night, Owen said yes.


Not making it too big of a deal, I stripped his diaper and grabbed the hand-me-down potty seat. I helped him into position and lo and behold, the kid peed. I made a huge production out of it and he beamed with pride. His smile grew when I taught him how to flush. {If I would've started this with flushing, he could've been trained for months.} After telling his bodily functions goodbye, he proclaimed that there was, "MORE PEEPEE!" and he was right. He did it a second time like an old pro.

Once he was dried off with his bumblebee towel and warm in his jammies, I let Owen have his first potty pop. I know that term seems gross, but it stuck after hearing it from the one and only BatDad. His Vines are hilarious and you will spend hours watching him in seven-second intervals. {But don't do that until you're done here, okay?}

Although Owen did not remember the rules of staying in his room until sunrise, he did remember the fun of flushing. Owen gladly used the facilities twice this morning, keeping his diaper dry. He was understandably apprehensive to try it at day care, but I have three days with him this weekend. I have tiny undies and a fresh bag of potty pops. Bring it on, Owen. Bring it on.

Pray for me this weekend. Please?

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