Monday, November 4, 2013


Every morning, I toss back the covers from my warm bed and listen to the bluebirds welcome the morning. I spring forth into the new day with breakfast pre-cooked, lunch pre-packed, and a troop of children who slip into their clothes and shoes, no questions asked. Once Jonathan leaves for work, everything falls into place. The kids form a line at the car door, load up one by one, and we arrive at school long before the late bell.

And then I wake up.

The snooze button feels my wrath at least three times in a row and my prayers for Saturday quickly diminish. I lay still in hopes that Nora will forget about her morning bottle and those shrill cries will return to peaceful slumbers. I pretend that Owen screaming my name from his bedroom is a figment of my imagination, but that thought is dashed when Nathan stumbles in, begging me to release his loud brother.

Owen begs for "Paw Patrol" over and over and OVER until I find the Halloween episode on the DVR and I cringe as Jonathan emerges from the bedroom ready to go. It's his early day to work {AKA: on my own}. He kisses the boys goodbye and shoots me a look of sympathy while I accomplish as much as I can before Nora's cries become too much. I scoop her up, change her diaper, and get her bottle going.

We're cooking with gas and it's only 7:15. Twenty minutes on the clock before we have to start making our decent to the outdoors. Then, it begins. I watch helplessly as Owen tries to swipe Nathan's waffle. There's a struggle that the small one wins, which is followed by rage-filled growls from a brother seeking revenge. This fight fizzles as quickly as it flared and they both return to "Paw Patrol." The living room grows quiet and Nathan starts to pull on his jeans. Progress!

Then Nora coughs. And the entire bottle travels up through her tiny body and onto my lap. Luckily, this mom knows what's up and is still in her pajamas despite having about eight minutes left on the clock.

Nora gets a fresh outfit as quickly as possible and I return the bottle to my starving baby's mouth. She scarfs the rest down and once I'm certain she won't spew anymore, I hand her over to the babysitter - her swing. I bark requests for Nathan to finish getting dressed as I scramble to make myself as presentable as I can in three minutes. I head to the boys' bedroom and help Owen weigh his shirt options, just to choose his dinosaur shirt for the second day in a row.

Nora is strapped securely into her car seat and I chase Owen with his sneakers. Meanwhile, Nathan took it upon himself to climb into the back seat of the car with his lunchbox and backpack, God bless him, and is now yelling at the rest of us to get it together. Once I catch Owen, I don't dare put him down. That is one fast kid and I do not feel like running at 7:37 in the morning {or any other time, if we're being honest}. I bribe him to hold still with Kung Fu Panda and his beloved blanket. At the last minute, I snatch the car seat from the kitchen floor. I throw the mom wagon into reverse, and the rest is history.

And then Nora coughs.

"Mommy! Baby Sisser spit up!"

Sigh. At least we got to school on time.

It's the small victories, y'all. Ten points to each mom who can relate and still got her kids to school on time and five points to the moms who missed the bell. You tried! I will admit that this scenario is not always the case. There are times when the planets align and shoot rays of cooperation into my children. I also know there are moms out there who do the morning song and dance alone with five kids who have to be out the door by 7:00 straight up. You guys get 15 points.

I did not write this to get you to feel sorry for me or laugh at me {okay, maybe just a little}, but to let you know you aren't alone. We moms have a big job and it starts really early. Every. Single. Day. We have to leave the warm embrace of our comfortable beds. We have to convince small, angry people to do the same. We have to stand strong through temper tantrums, waffle fights, and two-year-old fashion crises.

Solidarity, sisters!

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Jodi said...

Love it! And can SO relate. We are past the the reflux stage (sniff), but the shuffling, juggling, refereeing…oh yeah - are THERE! :)